California to Buffalo vehicle shippers?

Howdy y’all

I’m considering buying a vehicle in California. If so I would need it shipped here.

Does anyone have the name of a shipping company that does this route? Not looking for a broker, as they then charge hundreds on top. Looking for a company that will actually do the driving.

Thanks in advance

What about those uShip jerks who stole @dozr’s design for the NYSpeed logo? Joking aside, I think I remember someone saying they had a good experience with them.

Damn we’ve really beat this topic over the years;

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Perfect, thank you. I’ve shipped a few hundred cars but never that route. ~$1000 would be great

Dre, I have had good luck with uship. Shipped my bike years back and my brother in law also shipped his bike recently across state from a uship bidder. Haven’t done a car before but they’re all the same pretty much. Let people bid for your business!


Uship is definitely a broker, and can be a shit mess arranging everything. Once it’s on the truck you’ll be g2g. Do you know the person it’s coming from? What part of CA?

ended up buying an m3 in Atlanta, flew down and drove it home.

I’m now in need of a winter truck, searching hard for a first gen Tacoma in a v6 extended cab 4x4. That isn’t a rot box.

Not willing to fly again as covid numbers are as they are. Hoping to find something I can rent a car and drive to, but would ship from further for the right deal.

Just a thought, they just did a study saying that airplanes are actually one of the safer places to be with covid. The air circulating gets refreshed with outside air ever so many seconds and they say even having the person being shoulder to shoulder is equal to being 7ft apart because of the ventilation and filtration they have.

Congrats on the M3, best of luck on the pickup.

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Prices on all Tacomas are through the roof right now, so I hear. The used inventory is non-existent do to corona. It seems like most vehicle prices are shooting up.

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