California to Buffalo vehicle shippers?

Howdy y’all

I’m considering buying a vehicle in California. If so I would need it shipped here.

Does anyone have the name of a shipping company that does this route? Not looking for a broker, as they then charge hundreds on top. Looking for a company that will actually do the driving.

Thanks in advance

What about those uShip jerks who stole @dozr’s design for the NYSpeed logo? Joking aside, I think I remember someone saying they had a good experience with them.

Damn we’ve really beat this topic over the years;

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Perfect, thank you. I’ve shipped a few hundred cars but never that route. ~$1000 would be great

Dre, I have had good luck with uship. Shipped my bike years back and my brother in law also shipped his bike recently across state from a uship bidder. Haven’t done a car before but they’re all the same pretty much. Let people bid for your business!