call to all hdtv nerds

so, i might have the opportunity to buy a HDtv and use it primarially as a monitor for my pc’s. im thinking something around 30" flat pannel… looking to spend about a grand.

what are pros/cons…

using as a monitor is not a good idea… you will be running 1024x768 on a monitor probably twice the size you are currently using… so remember that… 1/2 the resolution. If you want to DEF get an LCD… as a plasma will burn in.
Any more questions…
Ask me
your NYSPEED AV guy.

i want insane resolution

what lcds do you recomend?

well if you want higher than 1024x768… Apple makes a nice 30" LCD… NOt TV… taht will cost you a few G’s… plus you will need a spesific nvidia graphic card to drive it.
I dont know of any TV monitor that will support more than 1024x768

ya actually i just saw that… i saw it in person one time. its redicious. but i dont think i can spend 3g’s on a monitor. i can justify around a grand…

im running dual 15" lcds right now on each pc now, so thats 2048x768…

we are looking to go bling without losing functionality…

im sure someone has a pic of my current setup… i cant find the pic right now

realistically… you can do a 42" monitor and hook up w/ hdmi, or dvi from your comptuer… and have a cool monitor for running games etc… but for text and design work… back to the dual 15’s

i need it for work strictly… the thing is i have at least 4 terminal windows open at one time and i need more space (more resolution) to work with them all productivly.

if i get a hdtv i can play halo on it when i have some down time…

plasma is the suck


LCD/DLP Projector > TV :slight_smile:

lcd/dlp projector max resolution?

1024x768 is a waste of my time… right now i have 2048x768 i need mo mo mo rezolUtioN

Best thing i could think of would be a Dell 24" widescreen lcd for about 900 or maybe go dual 20" widescreens. You could easily find 2 of those for under 1k.

right now on my main monitor, 1280x1024
on my 2nd monitor 1024x768
1024x768 is the minimum for monitors right IMHO

Jon, go with the Dell 24". My father picked up 2 of those for his setup in the office, and all I can say is WOW!!! Looking at those, next to his 1 year old EIZO LCD, no comparison.


Roommate has a Dell 20" monitor, they support 1680x1050

And a Dell 24" monitor, supports 1920x1200

the vast majority of your consumer LCD’s are 1366/768

probably the best LCD panel out there are the new LNR samsung’s

the LNR 32" is about 2k and has a vga input as well as HDMI and is probably the best looiking one i have

im a sales mgr @ circuit in the tv dept… if u want some good shit cmon in

BTW u can use a plasma as a PC monitor and not have burn in… all hte newer panels have bew phosphors which makes burn in pretty hard, we have had 2 hp plasmas running off their media center pc’s for about a year now and neither have any semblance of burnin but you have to make sure that the one you get has square pixels otherwise you will have weird scaling iusses…

BTW that dell 24" monitor I am talking about can be had for cheaper than 1K


ill need to see it in person.