We’ll I keep getting asked, “I heard you got pulled by the Black turbo teg.” Which didn’t happen so, lets get all these questions straighten out. Me, you, a camera and someone going home with a sad look on there face. No excuses.
Bring the pain.

i’ve actually had a few people ask me this as well beleive it or not… good idea :tup:

good idea :tup: i wanna see

get it on tape!



<- Chase car :tup:


i have a feeling someone is gonna be calling me very soon, so he is tuned for the boost he is running.

:tup: i have the cam :slight_smile:

let him get tuned first russ, should make things very interesting :tup:

who started those nasty rumors?



If I got beat by 2 cars why would you need to get tuned :gotme:

Russ - How many, and who have you lost to this season?

2, Mrsmith, Muscle50 on da juice

thats because you fear the sohc, or that would say 3 :slight_smile:

I <3 you :slight_smile:

Thats fucking sweet.
How would the :tspry: Muscle50 stand up to your “big” brother?

I like you silly hoda bois… there is lots of drama, but you guys back it up. And are for real about it.

I only lost 2 races this season as well.
Mr Smith, and SilverGTP (but I also kicked his ass after I got my exhaust.)

I dont need to get tuned…im stock, if i were 94blackls i would get tuned immediately so my engine doesnt blow up during your “race”