Calling Out : Onyx Z32


oh ha ha ha beck.


I’d like to see this!

Wheel graphics-will this take off in the US?



Ok sounds good Josh no big rush. I wouldnt want to push ya to race if you dont feel secure. Take a good look over the car and see wtf caused that. Once you feel safe then hit me with a PM or just give me a ring, and we can work out the details. I’d rather keep the entourage at home and leave it between your car and mine. :wink:

The Cobra is ready to roll whenever you are. :slight_smile:

Lemme know mang. :tup:

And Beck, why would i want to run the slower of the two? Silly rabbit. :slight_smile:


trix are for kids


im down for using joshs cam in josh car…its up to him


:tup: can’t wait for this

k20 vs smokinss


k20 vs smokinss

I gotta get in on this too, I have to fix my boost controller then I should be money.

k20 vs smokinss


whoa, 18psi… this should be good.

vids vids vids


OOooooo snap. All the big dongs are coming out to play. :eek:

Do it up Spence get her ready and let’s make it a 3 way :eekdance:

Looking for reputable suspension shops in the area

sounds like an interesting matchup :tup: I love high HP show quality rockets

GQ camera man :wink:



where is bladez?

German rice:

when the time comes he just might be joining the party


Twizted > Oroc camera skillz

Ban List

It’s only slower because you aren’t twisting the throttle hard enough :stuck_out_tongue:

New Rx-7

:tup: do it up boys


One thing that is guranteed NOT to come out of this thread…


Or at least from the 2 gentleMenz involved. Cant wait to see zee Ree-zults.


but yet where have u been when i wanted to run you…

i claim fastest import…and i plan to uphold it hehehehe

too bad im out of the action for the moment



There’s no more twist left :gotme: It’s easy to go all the way in the straights. :squid: :smiley:


Blow me POS F Bod jerk. Take you and your slow POS outta this thread and go to a tractor pull or something :gtfo: :poke:

But for reelz I hope we make this happen soon, the suspense is killin me and I am getting bored with running one power adder and pwning :ohnoes: :stuck_out_tongue: