Can-Alignment goes to LeMons!

Scott’s original post is in his welcome thread, but this deserves it’s own heading. Scott ran a 240sx last year and this summer in SoloSprint. This weekend he’s in Ohio running a $500 240sx in the 24 hour LeMons. What a competitor. A team of 4 drivers and a support crew are there to keep the car running. Wish I could be there too!

Awesome! 24h of LeMons is the greatest thing ever to be created!

Keep us posted on how he does.

Nice!!! Good luck out there!

No updates since last night around midnight. The race started at 12 noon today. Midnight - people’s curse car gets crushed. When they registered, one of the organizers recognized Andrew Cordeiro as a TDI series driver and penalized them. Lots of fun.

The team had to withdraw from LeMons early due to health issues with one of the drivers. Otherwise it would have been good, they had one of the fastest cars on the track! Maybe next year!

Too bad to hear. I hope it was nothing too serious.

Cordeiro raced this car for you? Good stuff, watched him run Mosport in the TDI.

Andrew is one of the team drivers, we have been friends a long time. We were doing very well til a team member fell ill. He is fine now but we had to withdraw.

The way the green flag fell I started somewhere around 104th of 125 cars. By lap 33 I was in 3rd place. Suffered a (too fast penalty) they claimed I passed under a yellow. We served the penalty then it was Andrew’s turn. Starting from a deficit with the penalty he was coming through traffic. Then apparently he passed under a yellow. yea right! anyway, served that penalty, changed drivers again. now to work traffic again. more slowly this time til night fall. when it went dark I hammered down. Our team made it from 54th to 22nd, then it ended there.

We will definatly be back next year with this car

Here’s a quote from one of Scott’s co-drivers. Love reading this:
“The event has a unique way of gridding cars, they tell everyone to get on track as though it’s a lapping day. A 2 mile track with 125 cars meant that you had about 4 car lengths total to yourself. Then at 12 pm they randomly decided to throw a green flag at a car and that would be the beginning of the race. Scott was driving our car and we ended up starting in about 104th spot. Cars everywhere, tons of passing but a very good group of drivers as there was very little if any rubbing of fenders. Scott was tracking and passing a lot of cars, moving his way up the field. About an hour into the race Scott was in 3rd place, yes he passed 100 cars and half of those probably 3 times.”
Way to go, Scott! I cannot wait until the next LeMon’s story!

I can’t freakin wait till October!!!

We’ve got a car in the works for Detroit and Scott will be there racing along side us. Weeee

what was under the hood?

It’s a $500 car dylan including the purchase of the chassis and all modifications other than safety, everything under the hood is stock!/photo.php?pid=30727320&op=5&o=global&view=global&subj=130300118268&id=1062686565

A pic of the Team Car.

We are entering again for the Chumpcar event at Shannonville. It take place May holiday weekend 2010

I also have a Facebook page for Can-Alignment Motorsports!/group.php?gid=130300118268

You never though… There just MIGHT be a little more truth to this pic than everyone thinks. I mean, after all… Who found out that its photoshopped? I think everyone heard that it is…

… wat?

The old Lemons car is actually being prepped to compete in the GT Sprints. I sold the car to a friend of mine.

The white car which shows up on the facebook page is definatly not a photo shop. It is my current GT Sprints/Time Attack car. I took this car to CSCS and it was seen by members of this and may other forums.

Current facebook page

Whatever you heard is wrong!

The LeMon’s car was a sub-$500 beater and I know the previous owners. Like many 240s it had more potential than many realized, but it was unquestionably a beater. It was a different bodystyle than Scott’s white 240 race car (formerly black time attack car) - do not mix this car up with the LeMon’s car. They are vastly different vehicles. Rather than question his credibility, let’s give credit to a man who’s revived several 240s.