Canada Supreme Court Case


First off, yes, the court does deal with non-maple syrup related cases.

They also deal with cases like this, the woman detained and fined because she refused to use the handrail on an escalator. WTF Canada? Trudeau’s wardrobe playtime wasn’t a big enough joke so you needed to have this in the news?

This fucking guy right here:


it happened in quebec so it is only technically Canadian. I therefore accept no responsibility to defend


Quebec, the Alabama of Canada.


First, good, ticket and fine people that don’t hold handrails to generate money for people that have escalator related injuries instead of draining it out of state funded sources. But it seems like it would be a better use of resources just to deny escalator and stair claims with the use of CCTV.

I assume Canada is 10% of this stat:**

Second, Quebec is the Louisiana of Canada, as they find it necessary to hold on to their French roots.

**eh… looks like most of those are work / repair related not passenger related. But it would still be fun to deny injury claims for stupid activity in a single payer system.