Car title question


I selling one of my cars(it doesn’t run and I’m not selling it for much). The guy who is buying it is coming from Philly area. His Grandmother is a notary back where he lives. He asked if I will just sign it and he will take it back to his grandma to do the rest. I guess to save a couple bucks. I’m leaning toward not letting him do that. Do I have anything to worry about if i let him do that. Example if he never does anything with title and wrecks it or something.


be on the safe side, and have it taken care of personally. No need to risk anything going awry.


as long as your selling it, I don’t see the problem. The problem will be on his side when he goes to register it in his name, if you don’t give him the plates and do a bill of sale its fine!


your boths uppose to sign it infront of a notary. if he has a notary and you sign it. its out of yoru hands and if his notary wont sign it then well its his problem. (ive learned this from experience)


have it done here


Thanks for the advice. We are going to a notary here.


best idea for u!