Carquest Alternator Problems?

Alright, the voltage regulator in my cars altenator is fucked.

Now I got the alternator on Febuary 3, 2005 from Carquest as a Reman. I’ve got the reciept. The bad voltage regulator caused the car to overcharge the also brand new battery that was $89. The battery leaked and is now dead.

Basically, Carquest sold me a remanned alternator, which 4 months later went totally shitty and massacred an also new battery.

Now has anyone had any luck with Carquest on situations like this, as far as getting reimbursement for the new battery that I purchased from Carquest? I figure getting a new altenator should be cake, there’s obviously something wrong with it in a far shorter time than should have been. But right now I’m looking at being out another $70 on a battery that was killed by a faulty part I bought from them.

I will take care of this for you


good deal.

:tup: on the Carquest Gold card warranty!

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I’d like to get this taken care of before I annihilate another new battery. :lol:


i always thought carquest was good with their parts, i usually go there because the warehouse is right around the corner and they almost always have the parts i need