Cash for clunkers passed: $3000-$5000 Credit

There are ways around that. Sell it to your brother, then he sells it to your dad, then back to you, and so on.

the Aveo is built in Korea by Daewoo, which is owned by GM

^ Did you read the article?

I’m trying to find something a little more hardcopy about it still, but it looks like its not so easy to get around. A cousin who was stationed over there for a couple years told me about it a while ago.

That is why Feast’s export model (and the model for all others as well) exists. Because you can pick up cars that are worth $20k here for $4k there.

I wonder what a Japanese car show looks like? Are there any classics? I can’t imagine people wanting to own something that the government is all over their asses about.

MPG (city)

MPG (highway)

bye bye xterra?


I cant believe no one has brought up the fact that this is being paid for with our tax dollars?!?!

Help blue eyed devil, I feel so alone :tinfoilhat:

They can have my Xterra when they pry it from my cold broke hands!!!

Fantastic legislation when coupled with the 35mpg mandate. “We need to reduce our foreign oil blah blah blah, you have to use less gas blah blah blah, here we’ll help you do it.”

Whether it will do a lick of good in the grand scheme of things? :tif: It’s worth a try I guess.

Shit, I get that with my giant V8 with :tspry: and full time AWD.

Really surprised and disappointed they changed the 1 year registered requirement down to 120 days for the turn in vehicle. 1 year made it impossible to scam the system. 120 days means a bunch of people are going to register beaters and get free money.

i was saying the same last night that a year was good that it was a lil harder to scam the system but 120 is nothing to put a car on the road and let it sit in the yard

Think I’ll have to pick up a couple of Delta 88 's and such and put them behind the plaza as i’ll be in the marketnext yr for a car or two

yeah, it’s time to upgrade I think

I also don’t have ANY power accesories, no cruise control, broke dick A/C(I live in the south, FML), etc…

I wouldn’t complain about about a trailblazer SS

Does NY give the Murano a commercial plate?

EDIT: This is on topic. If it gets a commercial plate from what I’m reading it qualifies as a “work truck”.

(16) REGISTERED WORK TRUCK- The term `registered work truck’ means a work truck that–

              (A) a dealer, at the time of acquisition by an ultimate purchaser of a work truck for which a voucher under section 3 of this Act is applied, registers such truck as a commercial vehicle under the applicable State law for such purchaser as the registered owner thereof; and
              (B) achieves the emission standard listed as tier 2, bin 5 in Table S04-1 under section 86.1811-04 of title 40, Code of Federal Regulations.

If so I think I’m going to start looking for a $200 beater to register/insure 121 days before this program ends. $5000 for the beater, plus trade in my Expedition, = new Murano with significant down payment from the taxpayers.

I wish there was a Honda that got bad gas mileage. I’d be all for getting one crushed or shredded when i get a new car.

My dad’s FX45 is commercially plated :shrug:

Sweet now I can tow my TA to the dealer and buy a new camaro :tup:

^ It has to be running.

can you do this with muiltiple vehicles? Buy like 4 junker work trucks and get 20k towards a new car?

It runs, it just has a hole in the side of tranny :eekdance: