Cash for clunkers passed: $3000-$5000 Credit

Surprised no one has jumped on this one…


IB4 We end up like Japan…

Wow. I’m not liking this one.

So anyone in for helping me convert my big block Camaro into a solar powered Camaro?

Not sure how to take this whole new thing. You hear a lot of those on the automotive hobby side making a lot of noise against it.


Damnit. I would have crushed the shit out of my Camaro if they had passed this last year.

Is is aimed at vehicles 25 yrs old & NEWER. You two are safe as far as the camaros go.

And, yea… IDK how I feel about it as yet. It is nice to see something with some teeth enter the arena of cleaning up emissions, getting better mileage, etc… even though this is completely voluntary - there is a concerning precedent it seems…

I doubt many “nice” cars will make it to the shredder… but junkyards may run out of some parts from used cars

again, VOLUNTARY. Besides, quantify “nice”… when the only stipulation is MPG <18 / emissions.

also of interesting note, looks like an attempt at a shot in the arm for automakers with assembly plants in the country. Nice touch.

(b) Amount of Voucher-

(1) VOUCHER REDEMPTION VALUE IF USED TOWARD PURCHASE OF NEW FUEL EFFICIENT AUTOMOBILE- A voucher issued under the Program may be applied to offset a portion of the purchase price of one new fuel efficient automobile meeting the criteria set forth in this paragraph, which portion shall be the amount of–

(A) $4,000 for a–

(i) passenger automobile assembled in the United States with a minimum highway label fuel economy value of 27 miles per gallon;

(ii) passenger automobile assembled in North America with a minimum highway label fuel economy value of 30 miles per gallon; or

(iii) nonpassenger automobile assembled in the United States with a minimum highway label fuel economy value of 24 miles per gallon;

(B) $5,000 for a–

(i) passenger automobile assembled in the United States with a minimum highway label fuel economy value of 30 miles per gallon; or

(ii) work truck assembled in the United States registered by the dealer as a registered work truck; or

© $3,000 for a nonpassenger automobile assembled in North America with a minimum highway value of 24 miles per gallon.
annnnnd there is some details yet to be determined as there is nothing mentioned about the old guzzlers being rated by their OEM city / highway or what…
(d) Lists of Eligible Automobiles To Be Maintained- The Secretary shall prepare, maintain, publicize, and make available through the Internet, lists of automobiles, classified by make and model, which are classified under this section as–

I will post when we get this stuff in writing and we know exactly what we can and can’t do. Until then the govt hasn’t given us details yet.

I wish they would lower the mpg amounts just a bit, to include the Camaro in there. I think the V6 gets 29 iirc. It’s assembled in Canada.

So … i can get a voucher for my 85 lesabre … and use it for a new Chevy p/u ??

Well I’m told by parties close to the situation :snky: it will include any vehicle that qualifies for the fuel economy restrictions. That means it doesn’t matter what model/brand it is, only what the gas mileage rating is… which is how it should work but with govt. they usually screw up every good thing before it can be released.

According to the actual bill (linked in the 1st post) it goes by the definitions in post #8 SO FAR - stipulations are MPG & place of assembly. Yes, I read it, its not that long or tough. However, the big question right now is the how they define 18 mpg for the trade-in vehicle.

shitty my old POS gets the same~ to a new civic or any thing

i can see the cost of shitty plow trucks going up in price

I have a beater Cirrus, but it gets 25mpg.

1988 thunderbird on CL someone offer him a grand and hold onto it :slight_smile: 16 mpg city

start buying old pickups, suburbans, caddies now as you have to have had them registered them for 120 days before trading them for this.

Pick up a shitty mileage beater for $100. Insure it for 6 months for $250-350. Register it for 2 years $150ish. Drive it to the dealer in 4 months, collect $4500, nice. For a 5 year loan that would knock your payments down about 70 bucks or so.

What is the cheapest new vehicle built in North America, besides a chevy aveo?

I would like to get one of those sub 10k Nissan Versas, then apply 4500 towards it, and pay cash for it.

I might have to take a look at a focus or something.

Finally found something in google, granted its dated to 1993, but I don’t think it’s changed much. Paging FEAST JAPAN

One of the first things an American motorist might notice about Japan is that the automobiles here all seem so shiny and new, without smashed headlights, dents, rust or even dirt.

The reason is only partly that Japanese fastidiousness extends to the maintenance of cars. Rather, experts say, there really are relatively few old cars in Japan, because of an automobile inspection system that is so onerous and expensive that many people prefer to trade in a perfectly good three- or five-year-old car rather than spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the inspection.

Inspections are required when a car turns 3 years old, then every 2 years until the car turns 11, then every year. The inspections, which cover more than 100 items from brake function to headlight orientation, are done by a Government test center or by an authorized service station.

Other nations and many states in the United States also require inspections, either of emissions alone or also of the car’s functioning, but Japan also requires car owners to have certain items checked or serviced every 6 months, 12 months or 24 months

Another big difference is that Japan’s Government asks the owner to have the car repaired before it is inspected, so that it will pass. Faced with this requirement, most owners give their car to the dealer or a service station to prepare it for inspection.
Etc, etc…