Cats went to good use

Police Say Man Fed Cats to His Pit Bulls
By Associated Press
2 hours ago

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - A man captured neighborhood cats and kittens and fed them live to his pit bulls, authorities said Thursday. Tye Hilmo, 21, was charged Thursday with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Hilmo was already in jail on drug, firearm and probation violation charges, Gwinnett County sheriff’s spokeswoman Stacey Bourbonnais said.

The new warrant charges that Hilmo “did give injured live cats and kittens to his pit bull dogs and let the pit bulls kill the already injured cats and kittens. Hilmo would capture and injure neighborhood cats for this purpose.”

He was arrested Sept. 10 after investigators serving a search warrant on his house found guns and two pounds of marijuana, Bourbonnais said. He has been jailed since then.

Authorities found the bodies of two kittens near Hilmo’s residence. Bourbonnais said they also found a gruesome image on Hilmo’s cell phone: a picture of one of his pit bulls and one of the mauled, dead kittens, and beneath picture a caption that says “Good Dog.”

“It’s pretty disturbing,” Bourbonnais said.

The initial tip about Hilmo indicated he may be feeding kittens and cats to his dogs to prepare the dogs for fighting, but no dogfighting charges have been leveled against Hilmo, Bourbonnais said.

Sheriff’s officials could not immediately say whether Hilmo has an attorney.

The only cat I ever really liked is the one I have now. He’s like a dog.

Otherwise they can goto the Pit Bulls. All they do is scratch the shit out of my car when they walk on it because it’s waxed and they slide on it.


it’s a good thing he gave the pit bulls injured cats, or the cats would have fucked that dog up.

I probably would have pistol whipped this kid to dead if i seen him doing shit like this…

you sure about that one? these are pit bulls we are talking about that were supposedly being readied to fight…i don’t think a cat would stand a chance

youd be amazed what a pissed off street cat can do.

its a way to keep strays off the street…but cruel non the less.

and considering they were “ill” street cats…wouldnt you be afraid of the dog getting sick? :dunno:

I dont think I would want to clean up after that either…


i’ve seen big dogs stray away from cats. even house cats show the same predatory characteristics of big wild cats. Cats FTW. obviously a trained fighting dog is gonna fuck up a little tame cat. i’d say a minx is about the size of a pit bull… i don’t think theres a question who would win that battle.

even a house cat with claws would fuck up a dog, let alone a comparable size cat.

I saw a cat tear the shit out of a german shepard at my old apartment in brentwood. both were house pets who got out. the dog owner was all pissed that a cat kicked the shit out of his dog when his dog had at least 40 lbs on the cat.

that just seems like a bad idea overall.

my neighbor used to have a retired racing greyhound (which is trained since birth to chase little furry things)
well I guess one day he spotted this little calm, only goes 50ft away from the house, girl cat we have. he chased her and she seriously fucked his day up. dog had to get stitches and all kinds of shit. she cut up his neck real bad and the dog would have died if they didnt get it to the vet, she had slit his jugular vein.

I agree with 77redneck, even house cats can lay a smackdown

I can’t stand cats.

However I wouldn’t kill them.

I’ll say this, cats are in it for themselves, so fuck em. they want what they want, theres no giving involved. not like dogs, dogs can atleast show a little emotion

Cat’s definitely fuck shit up. Cats > Dogs. Ever hear of coon-cats?

700 for a good one… on my list of things to get… worlds largest coon cat is 4 feet long

I had one. Every day after work / class I’d come home to a deal animal on the porch. Biggest one was a fucking groundhog.

cats kinda suck ass and should all die!!! haha ok maybe not but i still think dogs are better…atleast they are capable of being alot smarter and more friendly

and no…sorry cats dont fuck up dogs… unless its a lion/tiger or something… i’d love to see a cat beat my bosses pitbull…that thing will kill bears let alone a weak ass kitty cat. big ass coon cat or not…pitbulls have been known to take police 9mm and 45 rounds in a charge… i dont messs with a pitbull that is pissed off…thats just suicide.

if a cat has its claws it deffinetly stands a chance to any dog…if the dog goes in for a bite the cat will have allready clawed it atleast a few times…they strike way faster then dogs do.u ever see/hear two street cats fight??its brutal…ive seen a german shepered and some mut fight the 1 day and the cat fight had alot worse outcome.iv also seen dogs chase cats and after they get back into a corner its over…

idk man…some dogs just dont know when to quit…and thats a strong point for them… a pittbull is a good example…they just dont seem to feel pain. a cat can be good with claws but if that dog gets in…i dont feel any hope for that cat… it better run and jump somewhere to safety

Cat’s aren’t like dogs in that aspect, which is why so many people underestimate them. They don’t seek confrontation, but when forced into it, especially a life or death situation, waaaatch the fuck out. I’d be more scared if a cooncat had it out for me than I would of a pittbull.

you could be right but to say a pittbull will always win wont always be the case…like anything it all depends on the situation…my dad had a manx cat that was the size of i guess you could say medium size dog…his paws could easily cover most cats faces…it had its claws and killed a german shepered that got out,a bunch of raccoons and a skunk, sent many other dogs to the vet with massive bleeding. the only time he had to take his cat to the vet is when it got bit in the butt and it wouldnt stop bleeding.