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i’m currently still using a Blackberry Key2 and intend on getting another one to replace it.

however, i’m curious what is out there for non-mainstream phones?

is there anything out there that still has a removable battery? anything else with a proper qwerty keyboard?

or… are we stuck with ios / android / CCP ?

At this point you’re nearly 10 years behind learning how to effectively type on a phone screen.

I’m waiting for either the next Nokia 9 Series or the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Looks like the Key2 is end of life and you’ll be at risk using it;

The last Android security patch for the Key2 and Key2 LE will be issued in May 2020 and Aug. 2020, respectively. After that, the phones will stop receiving software updates.

Just get an iPhone, give it 3 months, and you’ll never look back.

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I do love my iphone. Super user friendly. I had a galaxy at my old job and always used my iphone instead of the company phone. I felt like on the android i was using a desktop computer.

I got the new SE. 400$, it’s awesome. I had my last SE for almost 5 years.

I’ve had a bunch of iPhones (3g, 4, 5, 7, 8+ and Xr) as well as a Galaxy S3 (both stock and several different roms) and will probably never buy another Android phone. I write apps for both iOS and Android so I still use both OS’s regularly and I just prefer iOS’s stability and the fact that every Apple phone I’ve had has still been rock solid and getting day 1 updates after 2+ years.

If you want to go Android make sure you get one that runs stock Android, not some bastardized flavor of Android that was modded by the manufacturer or carrier. A year into ownership the non-stock Android OS will be all but abandoned by the carrier/manufacturer and you’ll be left with an insecure OS for months while you wait for the carrier/manufacturer to port Android’s latest OS over to their bastard OS.

so you guys are saying that there are no viable alternatives?

Android is at 51.5% market share in the US to iOS 42.4%. That means EVERYTHING else accounts for just 6.1% of the market. So no, there are no viable alternatives or there would be more than 6.1% of people using them.

This is literally the one phone left that’s not end of life and that has a keyboard:


i am seriously considering going back to my old BB Bold 9900 for email/text/phone and maybe having a second device for browising etc.

i ordered a new $2k Thinkpad a couple months ago, i get the thing and it has fewer USB ports than my old one, no SD card drive and no removable battery.

the future is worse.

Everything is cloud based now. Why do you need USB ports?

Also you likely can’t use your old BB anymore because of 5G. All the spectrum from 2G and 3G is being reapportioned to 5G. Your old phone doesn’t have the hardware radio to be able to run on the changing networks, at least in the US.

I bought the new S20 Ultra and it was a great investment. The camera alone makes this pocket computer worth it.

Well lookie here

that just made my day

Son of a…
I literally just came here to post that link.

Could have saved 40 seconds of life if I checked this thread last time I logged in. Or, did not choose to reply :slightly_smiling_face:

So the phones won’t be “Canadian” anymore, but licensed to a US firm. That’s similar to Nokia being licensed to HMD. And they will be “mid range” in features, but who cares. As long as it has 5G you’ll be good.

I decided I can’t get the Duo due to how long I keep phones and the lack of 5G. So now I’m waiting on the next Nokia 9.

Another option @bing

I signed up for the mailing list for the onward mobile phone and I’ve even reached out to them by email and over Facebook.

Still no release date.

I am crestfallen.

That swiping on the Titan’s keyboard is pretty neat though. For $300 it might be worth just getting for the hell of it.

Was it this one?


yes but it was earlier and not that specific one. i’ll join that one now :slight_smile: