Change from vB to Discourse


2nd to last import running now. Because if our forum size it takes almost a week to complete!


Still chugging away. It took 1 week to get to 40%, lol.


Maybe it’s time to upgrade from the Pentium II with a gig of ram…



1gb ram? GENEROUSSS.


We’re soooooo clooooose :tup:


In about an hour I’ll be freezing the forums in prep for this move :tup:




Not quite yet, lol.

Investigating a few last minute hiccups right now.

If anyone needs any info from the forums (PM contacts, etc.) please get it soon. Once the forum is turned off I’ll still be able to access anything you’d need, but you’ll need to contact me directly to do it for you.


Only temporarily though, right? Everything will be accessible after the merge?

Oooo does that mean my infraction point from 09 will finally go away?!?


Yes only temporary! When it comes back online, we’ll be on Discourse instead of vB :tup:

Haven’t shut things off yet because PMs have a bug. All sent messages are there but no inbox messages :mad:

And yes, you’re infractions will all be forgiven, lol.

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Sneak peak, avatars will be there on the final run:


Still cranking but not bug free just yet. Nearly there.


So it looks like the Avatar issue might require another migration run, which even with 15gb of RAM means it’ll take a week. Fun Fun Fun…


Donald J Trump would be pretty disappointed. This is obviously not ahead of schedule and under budget.


Not at all, lol.


Aaaaaaand we’re up! There are still a few settings to clean up, but from a normal user’s side of things it should be functional :+1: