Change from vB to Discourse




When will point to the new site?

Also, maybe put the new link in the first post instead of a few down.


The testing site isn’t the “new site”! It’s just a platform for people to check out the new software.

One day you’ll wake up and all the user accounts & threads from here will not have changed, they’ll just look a little different :tup:

Current time frame to the change over is sometime in February. It’s going to take about a week of converting time and that’s if the first pass works perfectly.


Thanks to everyone who helped out on the test board :tup:

That testing forum is down now as we continue with the move process


Few more days :tspry:


RIP VBulletin


Minor hiccup, but due to processing time means it’ll be about another week.


so im an idiot. how do i get to the new forum?


It’s not up and running yet.


Yep it’s not done yet. Had an issue with passwords not working and some quotes not displaying properly. Still working on it :tup:


Ahh makes sense now. I liked the new one during the test session.


Once it’s ready, there might be a few hours of downtime and then the domains will automatically send you there. And you’ll login with the same username and password that you have now :tup:


Looks like you WON’T be able to use the password you have now. You’ll need to create a new one the first time you login.

Turns out some of you have REALLY shitty, risky passwords, lol. The new forum software doesn’t allow cheesing your password.


Are you telling me that ‘password’ isn’t a good password?


lol, that and some people who were on vB 3.0 back in the day used their USERNAME as their password.

Also, if anyone has an old email address make sure you update it! In you’ll need an email relay to complete the password update.


Status update: still working on it.

Had a hiccup with the PMs importing but working on a fix.

Other than that, it looks like things are sorted and we could be set this week :tup:




We delayed the migration for a week or so. There is another vB forum making the switch, but they’re larger than we are so we’re using them as a test subject before us. They’ve already been able to find a few flaws in transition that we missed. It’s nice having them go first and finding the bugs instead of us :slight_smile:

I’m itching to get this completed!


As a developer I prefer the term “undocumented feature” to “bug”.


Still happening, despite the delay. Still making progress :tup: