Change from vB to Discourse


@travisn try again?

I’m still messing with the options. The forum works on a “trust level” so the higher the level the more access you get. Over time, by reading & posting your trust level increases.


Yea, I thought about the rogue username after I already created the new one. No way to port over usernames?

I was going to ask about PM’s, but then got a trust level bump. Didn’t fix it, even closed the tab and came back. I guess I’ll go watch more youtube then go to bed.


The whole forum can be ported over. And you username can be changed at any time, it just screws up mentions I think.

Yep there are PMs.

And what I’ll probably do is make all new users start off at a higher trust level so the built in n00b limitations are not there for everyone.


Bump for the day crew!

Take a look, we need your opinion :tup:


Created a user name and password and checking it out now.


Thanks guys.

The more people we have on there messing around the more we can figure out how things work, if anything is missing, etc.


tried to retest an IG video but hit my post count for the day :frowning:


BTW I’m adding in all your current avatars myself so It’s easier to see who’s who.

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Shit really? Imma fix dat…

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I’ve bumped everyone to trust level 2 so there shouldn’t be any stopping of posting because the system thinks you’re a n00b.





Ah I missed you on the list. I’ve made it so all new registrations get a higher trust level so this isn’t a problem.


Bump! Still looking for input!

Seems like most people like it, other than the skin / colors which can be changed easily.

On the functionality side I can’t see that it’s missing anything essential really, and the features are great.


I swear the errors we’re seeing right now have nothing to do with the software testing… :fu:


Alright this is going down. We’ll update everyone with the time frame when we know for sure. In the mean time keep giving us feedback :tup:


Bump. Posted an announcement. Forum changes will start happening today :tup:



Please don’t lose the Trump meme thread. If the shitty left memes get lost no one is going to care though. :slight_smile:


I really don’t think anyone will go back and look at old ones.


Nothing is going to be lost! All users and threads are being brought over :tup:


When I need a good laugh I go back and look at the pre-election ones.


Really the most important thread on this site is juicedz4’s VW build.


FYI for you guys who signed up for the test forum, when the migration goes though you’ll use your CURRENT login not the new one you just created.