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Starting today you’ll notice some forum changes. It’s mostly just moving threads and forums around in preparation for the software change. If you notice and big issues let us know!

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Since the active users here now are mostly core guys anyway, what do you guys think about ditching vB and moving to different, more modern software? The one that I like is Discourse. ( )

The issue on our admin end is that our implementation of this vB forum has always been imperfect and requires a lot of attention, especially around updates. The recent “dangerous” flagging stuff is part of that. At the moment we’re just grinding away on forum software that gets the job done, but it is over 10 years old now.

Yeah, if we did this you guys would have to learn to use new software but it’s not dramatic. Think of it like a software update on your phone.

Personally I dig it but let us know your thoughts :tup:




Can discourse import our massive database? What about or major customizations, do I need to start over on piles of code?


Yes they can, import process is pretty straight forward. And we’d use no major customizations. I think we have an opportunity to really streamline the network forums and move away from the complex setup we have now.


can you port over to discourse and run a trial without losing all the stuff we have here?


There will be a cost regardless, but yeah.


It looks cool and would be nice to move away from VB and all the technical debt.

Maybe just put the current VB into a read only mode so we can still access old build threads and info. It would freeze current discussions on those threads but whatever.


I’m game for it.


Burn it all to the ground. vB is an unstable mess as it’s running here. If Discourse is easier to admin it seems like a good call. Bottom line none of us pay to use nyspeed so what ever works best for you guys is probably the right answer.




Yes upgrade it. I’ve posted on this forum for 10 + years.


Do it.


I can create a development environment and load the discourse files there. We can then attempt to import our database.

This will not be a live site and it will be done using copies of data. Should be perfectly safe to attempt.

To make this happen I will need SSH access to the server.

Once the development site is successful we will have to quickly build a design and modify structure and layout. That will have to be directed by Josh and Bing.



I’m setting up a trial forum now so that we can demo things on Discourse. We’ll want as much input as we can get :tup:


Please no :lol:

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It’s up, take a look and give it a try:

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Why not? If it sucks let us know. As far as I can tell, and I’ve been using it for about a year, I think it’s awesome.


I am a fan. I would love to see some form of growth to the community. From past experience I don’t find that changes = growth, but man would it be nice.

PS the admin panel is insane, tons to learn while running two businesses lol.


I don’t think changing software will grow the forum. But it’s MUCH more stable, modern and easier to use.


Do I have to reregister? My current login info isn’t working.

Edit, derp. didn’t actually read the link text at the top.

10 character password restriction? geeze.

Time to go register for a new name. I’m thinking newman or just karter


^^^ LOL

Yeah the password stuff is long. Let me see if I can modify that.

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Looks like the min it can be is 8 characters, so I lowered it to that.


8 seems to be standard :tspry:

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So I hit the limit for posts on ones first day. Please HALP