Chavez Documentary - ATTN Minglor et al.



That developed quickly enough.

Disaster averted.


And he’s dead.

NYC politicians mourn passing of great communist dictator. Libertarians respond.



“When he visited, President Chavez offered a new type of program to the people of the Bronx. He had harnessed the power of his nation’s oil resources and was using their profits—through Citgo—to enact social spending programs. Now he offered people in the Bronx that were struggling economically the same deal. He would provide home heating oil at a huge discount, provided the savings were reinvested in programs that benefited the underserved and underprivileged.

If only there was something in the constitution about accepting bribes from foreign dictators.


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lol what can I say? I’m a journalist.


sorry i missed this.

someone barely famous died that same week and people paid attention to it… oh yeah, stompin tom connor who sang some hockey song got more play than Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chavez is totally rad in all ways men can be rad. his death is a tragedy.