Chavez Documentary - ATTN Minglor et al.


This is the docuementary i was telling you about over dinner on Friday after Dunnville.

It’s just over an hour long.

The jist for peeps who may not be interested:

a couple non-venezualan journalists were doing a docu on Chavez in 2002 during the US backed coup attempt by the Venezuelan elite. They capture the entirety of the coup attempt to reassertion of power to Chavez.

They document the reactions of the military, the disbanding the government by the v.elite and other incredible things.

This will basically give you the background on where Chavez is coming from and should expose why you get the sublimal-sub-context whenever his name is mentioned on American TV. (ie. controverial leader Hugo Chavez)


Thanks Bing, I was going to call you for the link!

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Going to watch this later tonight when I get a bit to sit down.



watching half tonight. looks interesting


you have to keep in mind that RCTV is the network who chavez denied an extension of their license this year.

In the US it was billed as an example of how Chavez is a communist.

When you see this docu you will understand why he denied it.

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Very good documentary!

Not to get into an argument about the state of Venezuelan politics, but when the will of the people is that strong and account for 80% of the population, how did they expect to pull that off?

Lots of pissed off poor people > handful of rich people… Most of the time anyway…

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Yeah, I’d be pissed at them and want to do that too… but in a true democracy, you shouldn’t be able to silence those that don’t agree with you just because they hate you.

But I’d think any educated person who has studied history would have immediately identified Hugo’s desire to “redistribute the oil wealth to the rest of the population” (the poor people) as being communist in nature well before any of this took place.

And by closing down TV stations that hate him, he adds fuel to that idea that he’s a commie.

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It seems to me like it would not be difficult to find happy mediums. Why does redist. the oil wealth mean raising prices to the US?

If he didnt raise prices and just used the money differently then he could work towards his long-term goals and not have the US supporting a coup.

This coup could NOT have been attempted or completed without the US. The strategy was pretty spot on with what happened in Guatamala back in the day when the US used communism as a false pre-tense for a coup. And by the Venez. dudes actually admitting to it on TV the next day… i mean come on… are there duller tacks in that box sir?

‘true democracy’ is a fallacy. In the west anyways, I dont know enough about swiss, swede, or other scandanavian politics but i’d wager they may be the only hybrid-democ’s that are even close.

Furthermore, democracy changes when you consider before and after gloabilization. Protectionist policies are a necessary part of a democracy now.

Silencing media who have proven criminal intent is not wrong in any way shape or form. The only way you could justify it is by not telling people about the crimes of the network, which i dont think i heard on TV this year when it was a topical issue.


Is this video as objective as your views on 9/11?

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New Member ... kbizz911

man, loaded questions kick ass.

i dont think you really understand my views of 9/11 because we’ve never met and internet jabbering can only communicate so much. That said, i appreciate your concern.

i’m also actively trying to find out which division of Haliburton i should apply to, if that’s a catch 22 for you.

jiggsy vs the world .

Quite possibly.

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A little less slanted view of Chavez and his history.

My favorite part by far is that he lead a coup attempt in 1992.

And I’m sorry Bing, but after your post of conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, each less likely than the last in the 9/11 thread it’s very difficult for those of us constrained by the laws of logic and reason to take anything you post too seriously. It’s obvious you have a desire to believe anything to casts the current US administration in a negative light and this tinted view calls anything you post into question. It’s the boy who cried wolf syndrome of politics.

Here are some undisputed facts:
Chavez supports Ahmadinejad in Iran, a leader pretty much everyone in the civlilzed world accepts as unstable and a threat to international security.

Chavez is making friends with some of the worlds most dangerous groups.
Syria, Hezbollah, various guerrilla groups.

I don’t doubt he’s done some good for the poor people in his country. But it seems those deeds are done more to advance his chances at converting his country to a totalitarian state, and less for the good of the people. History will show which is true, but a lot can be said about leaders by the countries they are allies with.

Was the US involved in the coup attempt on Chavez? It’s certainly possible and it wouldn’t be the first time we tried to eliminate a threat that way. You’d think we would have learned after the bay of pigs but history does have a way of repeating itself. However, the fact that no one has leaked evidence that we were involved with as partisan as our goverment is right now leads me to believe our involvement was extermely limited if there was any at all.

Finally, Chavez isn’t done after shutting down RCTV. He won’t be happy until the only news is Chavez approved.

Imagine if GW would have shut down CBS after Rathergate. Would you have been ok with that as well?


ur reading too much into this.

it doesnt bother me that the stuff happens, i just feel a little left out since i dont get to make any money off it. That is the extent of my emotion.

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read the book :tup:


Ah, gotcha. I think Chavez is going to be a bigger and bigger PITA in the coming years. He’s spreading more and more oil money around to our enemies. Hopefully when the poor people of his country realize they’re still poor while he’s funneling money to other dictators his plans will backfire and there will be another coup.



I still love your take on this.


Getting upset over it is soo counter-productive.

I’m toying with the idea of joining the military. Not like to fight or anything, but maybe working in the military working on something like i do now at work with performance metrics and stuff.

Like efficiencies per officer. I could work on the bonus programs where after a certain amount of kills you get X amount of vacation days.

The key issues become: how do we confirm kills, how do we confirm who owns the kill. A

Kill value is another key issue. Like is killing an opposing soldier worth more than bombing a school? and if so, how many dead children equal a full kill.

I would have no problem working on projects like that.

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Depends on what province of Iraq the school is in. If it’s very likely that the kids would just grow up to be suicide bombers anyway, I think each would count as a full kill.

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It’s like sending a terminator back in time to kill john connor’s mom.

problem is…Michael Biehn

but then the issue is… if they were to never send the terminator back, then the Michael Biehn could have chilled out in the future. Instead, he was sent back and while protecting John’s mom, impregnated her…

Kinda like… if you dont kill the kids, they’ll be suicide bombers, but every kid you miss just grows up to be a suicide bomber… and you cant kill all of them because that would be inhumane.

in other words… kill michael beihn.


Or Arnold for Prez