check this out.

so i duno if you guys seen this or not but its new to me, smart car body kits, pretty awesome if you ask me lol


Smorsche and Smorsche Targa are the best IMO.

Mini super cars for cheap people
but how is the small engine gona spin those big wheels.
SR swap in a smart car ?

digging the smorche and the smorvette tho =]

best swap for a smart car.

suzuki hayabusa motor in a smart car is the way to go

umm dude these are all photoshop

Those smart cars are not cheap cars by any means. They’re Bo priced like Kia’s, Byundai’s, and Honda’s.

people who drive smart cars dont intend on spinning wheels 99% of the time

I fuckin hate these damn cars curse the inventor…

Has anyone seen that Smart Four-Two that’s parked sometimes at Advance hobbies at Sheppard/Midland?

Its got a Brabus package on it lol

Its a good thing those are photoshopped!

did you know a bike is longer than a smart car

I had an old black guy checking out my Miata when it was at the shop getting my headers done. He was walking around it trying to take measurements and shit lol… I asked him if there was something I could help him with, and he goes, “your car is bigger than my daughter’s Smart car”.

Made me feel real special… That my car isn’t the smallest and gayest car in the world :slight_smile:

I’d rock a smart car. Aren’t they pretty damn cheap up there in Canada for an older diesel used one?

^ with the number of idiots driving on the streets of toronto, even if they weren’t gay i would never drive something so small. i’m talking safety-wise, any sort of collision would end up with you being dead

wow, that crash test was pretty crazy. the passenger door even works.

They’re designed to take a hit.

they are at 13g i cant remember if it was for used or new.

i want to see it get hit from the back and the sides and i’ll be convinced