Chris's Z31 turbo

1985 Nissan 300zx GLL 5spd 115k
~3.0L SOHC
~Garrett T3,(oil lubricated, water cooled) 6.7 psi (stock)
~7:8:1 Compression
Electronic Equipment Package/Digital Instrumentation Package/Leather Trim Package/Rear Spoiler
T Tops

Needs alot of work, Pics will be up tommrow when i get there.

Stuff that came with the car
~boost guage that isnt hooked up for boost :confused

Cant wait to get started on this beast :banana

yea my car needs work but it pulls pretty hard.

must feel like a top fuel dragster after driving a jetta with a 2.0 8v ;D

not going to lie. his exp was slower. all 72hp or w.e def a step up.

the only car faster than my z was my 396 camero

stock boost was only 6.7psi on these cars? :wtf

yea im gonna up it to 10 eventualy

you can prolly crank 12 out of it without an intercooler

my friends GF has one nonintercooled, runs 12 psi right now but shes not the type to “get on it”. Was going to intercool it for her but she got in trouble and is now selling the car i believe to pay for a lawyer.

AHAHAHA!pullin hard.

turn up da boost and racey a smokey diesel.

if you need any parts let me know. i have a parts car and tons of other parts

Pete your starting to sound liek Smoking

stfu, there can only be one horny racing pitbull around here

Yeah, he has lots of parts, acctualy hes got a decent interior that just needs a little Stanley steamer action't-care-785391.jpg



sick, yo call me up when u guys work on it, all youll have to do is pay for dennys again


no more banana yellow primer is now gone

nice nice !

pics pics !

Tommrow i got before and after pics for the paint. still have a shit ton a work to do on it.

well after today the project is gonna take longer. i now need a front bumper, radiater, bumper brace and oil lines