City kids to join da burb kidz


Yessss! Conscious capitalism is by far the best way to drive innovation IMO. People that are have nots with a desire to get ahead are forced to innovate or steal. If you innovate you should be rewarded. If you repeatedly steal you should be punished quite heavily, maybe even banished from society.

This is why I don’t care for the overly liberal mindset, the bleeding hearts.
I DO agree with equality…IN OPPORTUNITY. I DO NOT agree with equality…IN OUTCOME.

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I don’t think it’s a matter or them not “buying into” it. If you grow up in an area where everyone around you is a pile of shit, your parents are shit/depressed and your school system is run like absolute garbage…your frame of mind is bound to be limited. Add to that the “entertainers” today, Lil Wayne and the likes…depicting easy money & drug habits as lucrative and cool. It would seem we need to find a way to open the inner cities eyes to equal opportunity (not talking mandating x number of minorities per company) and positive role models. LZ is spot on, there is TONS of money floating around waiting to be grabbed in legit fashion. This is still by far the country offering the greatest chance at upward mobility! Remove the government tit and heavily punish thieves. Ensure our government is enticing small business rather than supporting the lobbying behemoths.


I don’t think that more money = better schools. Shit, Grand Island has extremely high taxes and I don’t think their school district is very good. Same goes for Lancaster.

My point is, I live where I live so myself and my children won’t have to interact with a certain socioeconomic class and group of people.

Call me snobby, call me mean, call it whatever you want…but I work hard and make sacrifices so I don’t have to deal with certain people. This is might right. My choice. I have the right to do the same for my children.




I disagree with that statement.

But carry on.


This, so much. Screw letting people off easy because they’re first offenders, we need swift and severe punishment to warn first offenders to not do that shit again. A slap on the wrist isn’t the way to convicne someone not to do something again.


Seems to be working great with the drug war…


Relative to other districts vs. tax bills.

Niagara county is another prime example. Lockport’s taxes are asinine.


We are currently waging a war on drugs and a war on poverty. The government devouring our spending power to wage “war” rarely seems to improve anything. LOL
Part of the war on drugs failing has to do with our privately managed/for profit prisons, but that’s another can of worms. :wink:


If I had time to think about and post on internet forums at work I’d never call myself hard working, but I’m not judged on the same scale as heterosexual white men so my opinion probably isn’t pertinent.


During my numerous 12 hour days, I find a few moments to use my phone. Although my job might not be labor intensive, I work longer and more hours than anyone I know.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this based on the new law(or proposed law) that would allow parents to request to have their kids moved from an under preforming school? So for the most part, this would only really be kids with parents that give a shit. The problem in the city is that there’s no room at any of the good schools, so most of these requests get denied.

I don’t necessarily agree with sending them to the suburban schools either, but even if the parents are involved, not every kid is going to make it in to Hutch Tech or City Honors. It would be great if they had some other option for the B and C students in the city that are motivated, or have involved parents, and have difficulty succeeding due to the other students in their class and the disruptive environment. It’s difficult to learn or get ahead if your teacher has to spend more time babysitting than teaching.


^ The problem is a lot of these 2500 parents aren’t really involved parents. There was a community organizer going door to door pushing parents to sign these transfer forms promising it would force Buffalo to make the schools better. 2 minutes signing a piece of paper hoping to get something for nothing is not the same as putting in the time every night to actually help your kid with school.


So Pittsford is upstate’s best public school district and they do this, it’s called the urban-suburban program. I went to school with kids that were part of that program from K-12. Put simply, it doesn’t work. There’s another piece of the puzzle that just seems to be “missing.”

These kids received the same Pittsford education as the rest of us and still made terrible life decisions or were just dumb as fuck. I can think of two right off the top of my head, one had a kid directly following high school graduation and another became homeless and started stealing shit from people. Neither went to college. I don’t even think the ones in the grades above or below went to college either. They were the 1% of kids that didn’t go in each class.


I’m under the impression that the transfer requests get reviewed, it’s not just an automatic. If the school district had a couple of more schools with acceptable performance (rather than just superior and under preforming as they have now) I think it would be less of an issue. I don’t believe the existing law allows the parents to have their kids sent to a school outside the district, which is why the suburban schools would have to agree to accept the students… and let’s be honest. That’s just not going to happen unless the city starts paying for those students, and the only ones that would likely accept them would be the shrinking districts in the first ring.


The issue is they’re allowed to transfer out of failing schools however there are not enough seats in the decent city schools to move 2500 students.

Now they’re debating allowing those students to transfer outside Buffalo public schools


Want to knock that 2500 number down to less than 400? Send out a letter to all the parents who requested transfers stating there will be a 1 hour meeting to discuss with the parents how best to prepare their kids for this transfer and what will be expected of them. Anyone who doesn’t show, cross them off the list. I bet you’d be lucky to have 400 left.

Harsh? Maybe, but transferring a bunch of kids who’s parents can’t find one hour to give to their kids on something as important as a school transfer isn’t going to make any difference for those kids. It will however show you which parents want to be at least a little bit involved in their kid’s education.


Not harsh at all. Sounds like a great idea to me.


Yeah this is pretty dead on


I was talking with a coworker who’s family member (can’t remember the relation) is a teacher. She scheduled ~40 parent-teacher conferences to sit down and discuss their child. 2 parents actually bothered responding and showed up.


Then they do this in Williamsville and it’s the exact opposite. 38 will show up and 2 will miss it.

[sarcasm]But yeah, it’s the school that’s the problem.[/sarcasm]