coilovers . whats a good brand to buy

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     am in the market to buy coilovers i have a few in mind but i would like to get some option from ppl which r good and bad,

-megan raceing coilovers
tein super street coilovers

or wut else would be a good brand ???

People who have Stance will tell you to get Stance because Stance coilovers are the best coilovers in the market.

Bing will also tell you to get Stance.

I say go read some reviews and find out what your budget is. People will always tell you to get the same thing as themselves to feel more secure about their purchases.

^deep post, Mark, are you feeling okay?


Anyhow, Personally I recommend megan streets for anyone on a budget - they are great all around performers.

You can get them from slippersilvia here on SON for a wicked deal. (His name is Varun and he can also be contacted through - check it out)

Tein SS (Super Street) that you suggested is also a great street coilover - I’m running a group buy right now and I can get you a good price on tein, PM me if you’re interested.

I’m ultimately going to recommend that you start with megan for a good all around coilover experience and if you decide they dont meet your needs you can go a more specific route later on via tein or stance. I don’t think there is many people who would be unsatisfied with the megans given their price point and easy access - Varun might even have some in stock ready for you to pick up and an hour or 2 later (install is really easy) you’d be up and running.

I have to work at 5pm. That should explain everything.

I have the megans on my convertible…and for the little bit that it WASN’T under the knife this summer…I really enjoyed them. I’ve got D2’s on my coupe…and I like them too! granted, I haven’t spent the time tuning either of them like I should, but as far as my inexperienced opinion goes, I’m happy with the megans if your building on a budget. Definitely beats springs/struts IMO

I’ve got no problems with my Megans, but the Stance are supposed to be a bit more robust, so that’s a viable option as well… Tein is known for good products, so sure they work too…

I agree, do some research, maybe try and find some guys willing to take you for a spin in their car that have something you may be looking for. All the reviews in the world won’t compensate for seat time.

Ohlin or Aragosta, best consumer coilovers out there…

otherwise dynamic suspension, Koni or Penske the most local to Ontario manufacturers of race coilovers

get megans, best value, best customer service, and for sure the best rebuild price…! 95 bucks for brand new inserts !!- no one can match that-

thats why they sell more coilovers then anyone else in north america right now…value value value !

i can get pretty much any brand suspension for a great price, please call if u need any info…416 910 5550…varun

get anything on this site. literally… anything. from 1 to 2 its all best reliable stuff. never can go wrong chosing these products.