Coming Apocalypse Thread

I guess since this is all happening in slow-motion we should have a thread to keep track of it for future reference. I suspect, given the subject matter on here, that we are all on the same page as far as what is coming and why but htis twitter thread does a good job of summarizing the ‘why’ of one aspect of what is happening:

This certainly suggests food and fuel inflation will continue unabated for the foreseeable future.

However, paying more is better than not having any. See what’s going on in Sri Lanka right now for reference. This is going to happen more and more.

I wonder how bad things will have to get for all of the complicit conformists around us to get a clue?


I think most, if not all of this, points back to the WEF’s meeting and talking points.

I was looking for my daily black pill.

As prevalent as this is on the right, can you imagine what’s going on in the heads of the left? They’re already not having kids because of climate change, nihilistic to the point where “nothing matters anyway” and once they hit a certain age, realize the utopia they’ve been “fighting” for will not (if ever) exist while they’re still alive. Must be a dark place in that cranium.

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I hate how soft central air has made me and my family :frowning:

I can’t wait for the blackouts, rush on generators etc.
“when I was a kid, we had a fan in the window at night if we were lucky. You kids today…” :smiley:

Also, why was this in the area over the weekend?

This scene from xfiles fits in really well here…


We had upstairs apartments in the city and would sleep on the floor cause it was slightly cooler.
On a serious not long term blackouts in the deep south would result in a lot of deaths from heat stroke.

My bedroom was small and had only 2 windows, only one opened up. And that one window, was a crank out side mount window. No window fans were able to be used. We didn’t have central air so no AC. I grew up like that for 20 yrs. My house now doesn’t have AC and last year I finally broke down and put one in our bedroom and our downstairs living room. I probably should just get AC installed.

Highly recommend reading this.


I don’t have time to read all of this at work but I’ve already read about 1/3rd of it and it’s fascinating. If I weren’t so damn busy today I would definitely have sat here and read the whole thing in one sitting.


i could not mock these people. what has been done to them is a remarkable crime.

I saw this posted on Instagram with the account “RideTheNews” Highly suggest to follow them if on Insta. Definitely an unbias news source that just lays all the facts out for you. They also break this down a little for the main take away points. Crazy!

This should probably be told to A LOT of people.

My wife is mad at me because apparently at our game night party I was a little drunk and said something about how my policy of not accepting gas money from people who go out on the boat with us was ending. “If you fuckers voted Biden you’re definitely chipping in for gas” is what I’m told was said. Doesn’t sound like me. :joy:


Seems totally fair.

Does your daughter even have a job?

Anti-Anti-abortionist’s were in town, right.
I wonder if there are pallets of frozen pizzas at boarder facilities.

Whos up for some chicken at $15/lb in 2023?

Based on the cost of grains/pulses and gas, expect the cost of all commodities to go up. Feed for the animals we eat is through the roof, the cost to move the feed from the farm to the feed lot, the cost to move the animal from the feed lot to the slaughter house, from the slaughter to the stores. All of that is super expensive now.

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aaaaand i’ll be doing way more hunting this year

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