Compustar opinions?

I’ve been considering getting the compustar alarm+ installed on my car for a little while now, i’ve heard a lot of good stories about them, but also a few bad ones

whats everyones general feeling about them? is it worth it?

do they connect to your ECU or otherwise? what if you are running a piggyback or standalone… etc?

…just wondering~

Clifford > *

Sorry, I should elaborate.

Clifford AvantGaurd 4 > *

Clifford is now the suck because DEI took over.

Compustar has worked great for me, they do not interfere with your ECU, whether it is standalone or piggyback.

compustar :tup:

New 900Mhz FMs are the best alarm/starters out there right now…

I don’t consider the extras that certain alarms come with to be a part of what makes a alarm/starter good… as they can be purchased on the side and installed onto a compustar anyways… (ie. clifford’s wireless immobilizer), hell theres tons of immobilizer and other options that nobody really knows about that are avail on the market…

Basically I’m saying the new FM compustar has the best range (outside of the SS), works for damn near forever, takes a fair amount of punishment etc etc… Rangewise, A friend recently had his installed and put the antenna in the pillar… not on the windshield… and didnt notice a huge decline in range… Abusewise, I’ve been using the same compustar equipment now for a good 4-5 years… the brain and antenna have been installed in 2 cars… the remote has been in the swimming pool, hottub etc… the thing still works… of course i think the 2 hours in the hottub may have affected the range… but try that w/ anything else on the market…

Complaints you might hear about compustars are usually based around the SS model… they tend to come out of sync between the remote and antenna… the programming is iffy too… Compustar will let dealers switch out people’s SS ish for new FM stuff at the dealer’s discretion… so even the company knows its a problem… but the SS model does have one hell of a range… Other issues I’ve personally seen… 2 sirens go bad… one bad out of the box… thats it… out of all the compustars ive come across in the last 5 years thats not a bad ratio… compare that to other brands…

Nothing can touch Compustar… I’d take it over any other brand new or old. If you have any more questions let me know…

my siren is the bad one out of the box but I havn’t had time for funky to replace it :-\

compustar guards my babie. :tspry: