Computer is dead...

It wont turn on anymore… possibly from lightning???.. If i press the button nothing happens. Should i try to replace the power supply first? Recomendations?

I am running 1 3ghz p4 with ati 256 radeon and 1G pc4400

stop sticking your finger in the electrical socket while using the computer

it probably fried your motherboard and hair :slight_smile:

…but for real try getting eric ( vile ) to help u, i think he lives kinda near you… and he also works at geek squad who possibly could help or recommend something

Try and see if all your connection are alright first. If not have it in the off position and try and listen if the PS is making any sort of noise when you turn it on.

the power suplly makes absolutely NO noise under any cicumstances.

hook up another PS to your comp… it could also very well be your switch

yeah sounds like it might be somewhere in the connection/switch. Usually when a PS dies it’ll make a little whirring noise

nah, that’s just the fan in the PS probably caked in dust

if you want a PS, i have one at home

I think i have an extra sitting on my desk as well.

thats the first thing you hsould do. WHatever you do do not go to PC Warehouse by your work (on union) and have them check it cause you are lazy, because they will charge you 40 bux and steal the power cable for your video card

if you lost data you know who to call :kiss:

Im sure you already tried these things, but just incase…

  1. Did the powerstrip get tripped, maybe you just need to switch that back?
  2. Is there a power switch on the back of your PC for the power supply that accidentaly got switched off?

most mainboards now a days have a light somewhere near the bios or the processor. If you have a light on at all, its not your power supply. If you have a light and its not lit, odds are it is. Also, sometimes, liek asus and soyo does, the color of the light might indicate the problem. Check the connector to the mainboard to the power switch. make sure before you touch anything, touch teh case first and have both feel grounded to eliminate any ESD. Not turining on at all tho. With it being such a newer comp - a 3ghz, is it under warrenty? and also - def do NOT go to PC warehouse like Jack stated. Those guys are overpriced assholes who ill never deal w\ again.

there is no light inside at all. it is an asus mobo.
i have a feeling it is the PS. how much you want for the ones you guys had?

IM JustinH he’s a good computer guy and has definitly helped me thourgh a build or two. Hopefully he can either look at it for you, or at least pinpoint what it is.

My asus MB has a bright green light right above the processor… to the right a little bit.

I have about 3 or 4 250 to 300watt power supplies I never use. If you want one it’s free, shoot me a PM. Or if you want to bring the computer I can have a look at it also.

fix it yet?