Cop Friends = Good!

So I just got back from Depew court and I escaped with just a $50 parking ticket. When I was pulled over, I got inspection sticker expiration and a illegal crossing of a yellow line (putos for that one) but my Amherst cop friend bailed my ass out!! The officer who gave met he tickets was even cool about everything too! He got the DA to drop my ticket to parking fines because of my Amherst cop friend. :slight_smile:

Moral of the story, not all bacon is extra crispy and overcooked, some of it’s chewy and delicious in a non-homosexual way.

im so fuckikng hungry right now

I like it more when bacon is crispy actually. But I guess thats why my no inspection sticker tickets turned into a 300 dollar fine. judge was a fucking asshole.

the judge is liek the ass of the pig.

:tup: for you

hm, i want some bacon too :tup:

mmmm bacon uuhhuhuhuhuhggghghghgughughg…i know alota cops tooo…definatly a good thing. and one of my cop friends is running for town judge woot woot…if he makes it im like untouchable in newstead…yes!

My father’s a US Marshall. Comes in handy quite often. haven’t had a ticket in years!

Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.


wow… very nice touch on that saying Xander… adding the “even” makes it very powerful.

Cops are cool. Pigs are fucking assholes and I want to fight them.

having an AMherst cop friend is a major plus. I have benefited from having one myself

:tup: to MOST cops.

i am friends with alot of officers because I have had a ton of tixxxxxxx