Cop question

do cheektowaga police have the right to arrest someone in buffalo? it seems cheektowaga cops allways are pulling people over by me. I live in buffalo by bailey and broadway now i thought cheektowaga only could patrol upto there border but i constantly see them driving in my neighborhood even down my street allmost dailey. today i saw someone get arrested on east lovejoy and north ogden clearly in buffalo and like 4 blocks from morland police precinct, they took him into custody and towed his car, and its not like the followed him here they just saw him and pulled him over. i know if buffalo police went into cheektowaga and started ticketing people and collecting fines they would freak out so how they get away with it. Im asking cuz at this moment im afraid to go anywhere cuz there is a cheektowaga cop sitting at the end of my block for about 30 mins now looking to pull someone and its complete bullshit i moved outta cheektowaga to get away from these assholes.

well all police officers in new york state are certified peace officers so they can arrest anyone in new york state. now its kinda like they are stepping on buffalo’s toes kind of but if they dont have a problem with it then theres nothing that can be done alot of police departments have agreements with others for boarders its a grey area like lancaster and depew they cross lines all the time so yes they can in a way but is it right not really unless they are letting bpd know about it

What about west seneca cops pulling over cars because they are speeding in orchard park, and they wait untill they cross the town line and then write them a ticket

yeah i would understand if they started to pull someone over in cheektowaga and followed into buffalo but they are patroling buffalo. Cheekto would never let buffalo cops patrol there streets. as a matter of fact my brother got stabbed in the face a couple years ago in buffalo and BPD new that the kid was at home in cheektowaga near the boarder and when they went to get him CPD told them no and they needed an escort to come into there district i was sitting across the street making sure he didnt run away for an hour while BPD got a CPD escort and when they did one buffalo patrol car was allowed in with an escort of 5 CPD cars. its bullshit that you could not even go into cheektowaga and still end up having to pay money to there police department

theyre trying to keep the mean streets safe. crazy shit happens in cheektavegas man idk about you but ive seen some shit man… ive seen some shit

probably because it was a crime, and it needed to be investigated by the buff police because the crime happened in buff, but the kid lived in cheek. so they needed an escort or permission

yeah it was a crime but me and some friends sat outside his hous4e across the street for hours till he came home then called the detective that was working on the case and when we let him know he said he was on his way. Then i got a call back saying CPD wont let them come over without an escort and they were waiting at the cheektowaga station and basically telling me stay where i was there on there way and if he comes out dont approach him under and circumstances, cuz i wont lie if i saw the kid that just stabbed my little brother in the head 3 times with a hunting knife allmost going through his skull and just missing his eye, thank god he wore glasses, i wouldnt have stayed where i was.