Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.


Cossey: Why is it when I eat corn it doesn’t actually digest and comes out in my poop the next day?


Hey Cossey… do you have any more pictures of the LGT? Im still trying to get it sold for you haha.


I thought he sold it? or got a deposit on it.


Where did you read/hear that?


him in a thread, think it was whats his name “looking for a boosted del sol/hatch thread”


damn… had no idea


Took a deposit on it then things went sour, then another guy from the LGT forums messaged me offering more monies. I’ll know very soon if I have it sold for sure or not. I hope so. I wanna throw all of the money on black when I go to AC soon.


Hey Chris, will the 911 ever run again?:dunno:’(


2002 Porsche 911 TT 0whp and 0tq Please explain this sadness? :’(


Haha son of a bitch.


Cossey why are you such a fuck


Cossey, why do u smell like cheese but taste like oranges? i love oranges.


cossey, why you no call me lately?


because racecar


Still awaiting parts.

My b. Paid cash = winning.

Tell your mother to stop talking about me at the dinner table again.

I also love oranges.

Pretty much. I’ve been tracking a LOT this year. I’ve already done eight days since May. All of 2009 and 2010 I did nine. I’ve been traveling a bit. I just got back from Watkins Glen a few hours ago. I’m actually not doing any more days for about a month so I’ll be a bit more free and will give you a car.


Living the dream ay?


:excited ohhh thanks, ill take the one that runs


Cossey has arab monay. Gets to travel, race carz. Livin the life


i also heard he eats filet mignon every night for dinner, and doesnt finish it all and would rather feed his dog with it, than save it for later.


Wouldn’t be surprised.