Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.


LOL, whoops.

It’s not like I’m travelling to exotic places. Google streetview in the town of Millville, NJ (NJMP). $10 says you’ll see only 3-4 white people compared to 30-40 black people walking around.

I’ve only not finished a steak once every time I’ve had it. I love steak. Nom nom.


what’s wrong with black people


How come every morning when I wake up I don’t have to poop, then shortly after arriving at work I need to take a nice shit? Is it my bodies way of saying “hold onto this masterpiece for a little longer, it will be a useful excuse for a break at the office”?


I just don’t like overwhelming ratios of b:w.

I think it’s because your body realizes that paid poops are that much better, and it’s trying to say “hey man, by waiting til you get to work to do this, I’ve allowed to you sleep for 5-10 minutes longer and put some dollars in your pocket while you were putting brownies in the bowl.”


Lol +rep


How come 4 out of 5 days driving to work, I have the overwhelming sensation to want to pit maneuver at least 3 cars on the 30 minute ride into the office?

Is it because race car?



I have a 30 minute commute as well and you can ask Lance, I want to kill people, especially on the ride home when some one is doing 40 fucking miles an hour in a fucking 55.