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elle ohh elle


That was not some insult…i legimatly am interested if you actually know how to build stuff…or trouble shoot or fix stuff for that matter. Sitting on the internet and memorizing information is not that impressive…having a solid engineering concept of how a car/engine/tune operates is another. Nothing is funnier to me than the dude who gets a boost leak and runs to the shop to figure out why black smoke is coming out of his exhaust…lol…For real though, have you built any of your cars or installed anything your self?


While I haven’t done as much work as I’ve wanted to over the years, much of that can be blamed on me only having one eye, lack of confidence, time, and tools. I’ve installed plenty myself (or at least had help doing).


Nice…glad youdidnt take that the wrong way…tools are the biggest part.Took me 10 years to get what I got now and its still not enough…I always need something I don’t have…lol.Luckily for me confidence has never been an issue…coming from a mechanic family that has owned a garage and built severl 9-10 sec drag cars…no matter how bad I used to fuck up…it could be fixed…I lol’d when I came to yor house to help rick pull the head and he whipped out a tiny carpenter tool box for tools…lol…I hope he doesnt give up on it, but if he does believe it will be in my garage…


Why is everything in soviet russia backwards?


Because they lost the cold war when they should have won by making it a hot war. So now everything is backwards. IMHO


If a Bear doesn’t shit in the woods, where does the Bear shit?


they poops in ponds, or they eat it


Adam’s pond?



How can I ignore PJB’s posts so they don’t show on my screen? He’s really starting to get annoying.




What kind of gas mileage are you gettin in your diesel bmw cossey?


The standard cell potential (E°cell) for the voltaic cell based on the reaction below is_______?

Sn2+ (aq) + 2Fe3+ (aq) → 2Fe2+ (aq) + Sn4+ (aq)


With mixed, mostly city driving, I do around 24mpg. Highway I’ve gotten as high as 28mpg.

All of the above.


Do you have $2?


why do totinos pizza rolls sucks?


Hey Cossey… some guy on honda-tech wanted me to let you know that he sent you an email about the car… Il find out his email address.


I do not, no.

Dunno, never had actually.

I got it, just haven’t responded yet due to not having pics of interior or engine bay at the moment. His name is also semi-terrorist sounding.


haha… il let him know.


Cossey why? Just why?..