Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.


ship me part of ron’s iguana, plz.


If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much would he donate to his local baby killers club?


It depends solely on the past of said woodchuck. Some woodchucks live a horrible life. If they don’t chuck enough wood, they get kicked out of their clan. If said woodchuck was kicked out of his clan, and replaced by a wood chucking baby, then I’m going to assume he’d donate all of the wood.


Epic response. + rep


Thank you.

Just for that, it makes my two year degree in woodchuck psychology that much more worth it. Plus I learned how to make some pretty sick dams.


I lol’d at above!


^^^ :lol






Riddle me this Cossey-man:

Why is Failvis so fucking retarded?




That is only a question a much higher power than I can answer.


Dear cossey.

Why is it that John will fuck rosanne before jessica simpson.


mmm good question


Dear Cossey,

why is the porsche a trailer queen…again?


I will have an answer in some time.


I will get you an answer hopefully in short order. I have to go get my bore scope sometime tomorrow or Tues.


Oh christ. :frowning:


Heres one for you…how many cars/engines have you built yourself?


Gottt Emmm!