Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.



since when did hot girls become hot??? wtf???


Hot Indian girls might be hot, but when do you ever see one?


Pfft go find Vinays little sister


Cossey I’m listening to you on the phone right now and not paying attention, can you tell?


I figured someone wouldn’t understand it… not surprised its you. What Im saying is that when an Indian girl is hot… she is realllllly hot. Like have you ever heard the phrase “when your on your on.”

Fuckin Fordham kids


She is really pretty, but I don’t think shes OMFGSOHOT!!!


close your mouth the next time grown folk talkin

+1 in albany area i know none, just 2 pakis :Idiots

LOL + 1 dude, indian girls are either ugly are REALLY hot, not inbetween, and the good thing at least in my area right now I think there are more hot girls from 18-22 then there are ugly ones, i dont even think i’ve seen a fat girl yet who is in that age range…

but yea im startin to think white girls FTL brownies FTW im DEF getting more pussy RIGHT NOW in a foriegn country than nearly all of you single guys are , and not excluding my self when im NY cuz im not that special there :smiley:

i keep hookin up with these dancers at weddings cuz im out of control i always start rapping on the mic on stage and being out of control like me is the coolest thing ever, they think im some hired person doin some bullshit most of the time




Cossey why is it I hear stories of you sleeping with dick on your chest


when i went to school in the city my fraternity had a joint party with an Indian fraternity and the club was dommmminated by indian girls. Some of the girls there were like hoooolly shit hot, but Indian guys do nottttt like other guys talking to there girls


I feel like girls always get fatter with age


fixed? :rofl


thats not always true.

If your an abusive husband and make them fear getting fat they will stay thin.


LOL why the hell have i never run into that situation in the states… wtf

idk what im gonna do when i get back i dont even care about white girls anymore

ok black bitches here i cum !

:frowning: ya i think so too


Cossey… Oprah, Cloris leechman, and Nicole. You have to fuck one, marry one, and kill one. Choose wisely.




Same order as you listed.


marry oprah for SURE. gotta get the moneyz


Good point. Switch first two, then you got my order.


What is the optimal sauce to dress sauteed iguana?