Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.


Your killin me here lol


Ron have you ever skinned a cougar?




No I haven’t. I want to soo bad though. I feel I am missing out on a good thing.

I know a 30 and 34 yearold who I would actually pay to have sex with.


Touche ya rat bastard:rofl:lol




:thumbup 30+ FTW


hey asshole i take that to heart:’(


ni99a you stoopid!


its cuz i went to the mohonassen


Don’t feel bad. I went to Berne-Knox-Incesterlo.:retardclap


cossey when are u flyin out here ? u can fuck a bunch of ‘sluts’ just tell em your american and loaded, thats what i do :smiley:


do you have an uncle dad?


i haz new sig quote


cossey, are any of your cars ever going to be working anytime soon?


u aint had pussy since pussy had u :rofl kidding i love u singh(no homo):hug


:excited hot indian girls are reallllllllly hot


The LGT works.

Didn’t we just go over this in the build thread for it?


I got sick of reading all the nutswinging propaganda so I just decided to go straight to the source