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Why does this happen on a daily basis?


why is murrdog9000 a blackbawl hugger/cry baby?


Cossey, is it bad to stand up for something you believe in?


uncle tom


cossey is it true the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice?


Cossey why is it you think heathers 15.y.o cousen is hot.


Cossey do you fuck bitches and get money.


I have yet to determine that… Although I don’t discriminate against the vag, I don’t actively pursue anything but Asians and caucasians.

Yes, I do.


Cossey why did sullivan puke saturday but no one else did


Cossey I have a question:

Elliptic curves used in cryptography are typically defined over two types of finite fields: fields of odd characteristic (, where p > 3 is a large prime number) and fields of characteristic two (). When the distinction is not important we denote both of them as , where q = p or q = 2m. In the elements are integers () which are combined using modular arithmetic. The case of is slightly more complicated (see finite field arithmetic for details): one obtains different representations of the field elements as bitstrings for each choice of irreducible binary polynomial f(x) of degree m.
The set of all pairs of affine coordinates (x,y) for form the affine plane . An elliptic curve is the locus of points in the affine plane whose coordinates satisfy a certain cubic equation together with a point at infinity O (the point at which the locus in the projective plane intersects the line at infinity). In the case of characteristic p > 3 the defining equation of can be written:

where and are constants such that . In the binary case the defining equation of can be written:

where and are constants and . Although the point at infinity O has no affine coordinates, it is convenient to represent it using a pair of coordinates which do not satisfy the defining equation, for example, O = (0,0) if and O = (0,1) otherwise. According to Hasse’s theorem on elliptic curves the number of points on a curve is close to the size of the underlying field; more precisely: . There are also algorithms for counting points on elliptic curves.
The points on an elliptic curve form an Abelian group with O, the distinguished point at infinity, playing the role of additive identity. In other words, given two points , there is a third point, denoted by on , and the following relations hold for all

P + Q = Q + P (commutativity)
(P + Q) + R = P + (Q + R) (associativity)
P + O = O + P = P (existence of an identity element)
there exists ( ? P) such that ? P + P = P + ( ? P) = O (existence of inverses)

We already specified how O is defined. If we define the negative of a point P = (x,y) to be ? P = (x, ? y) for and ? P = (x,x + y) for , we can define the addition operation as follows:
if Q = O then P + Q = P
if Q = ? P then P + Q = O

SO…wait…I forgot where I was going with this…


I beg to differ with youanswer that these days its all about the jailbait.

The trend is moving away from youngins cause they are clingy. Cougars is where its at. They just want dick and nothing else


Good. More CP for me.


have fun on vacation. take some pics


so what do you prefer to drive the porshe or the skyline???..

skyline is fuckin sweet bye the way…

hope yah get the porsche back soon


Dear Cossey:

Why are more than 79.854% of shift members 100% retarded?


W O W:Idiots


Well Cossey this is my first time writing to you…

Why is your shit stuff, and my stuff shit?


Fixed:thumbup :rofl




thanx maan cudnt hav dun itt withowt yaa