Cossey's Corner: Ask at your own risk.


Cossey why are you envious of my ability to pick up women


Any woman you are physically able to pick up would be so tiny Cossey wouldnt want her.


I Shall plot your death for this week end


I will probably die this weekend with or without your help.


I would like to aid in said death


cossey, why do camaro SS’ “get’em wet”?




Cossey will the drop kick of death from your shoulders take out Jesse?


so whats the best way to get stuck gerbils out?


why do you have 2 silver cars?

where do you work now?

why do you suck at pool so bad?


Quoted because i knew you were queer!


I was asking for a friend, not me.


i’m sure, “friend” aka boyfriend .:gay2


Your ability to ‘pick up’ women involves throwing up on them. I do not enjoy the taste.

You’d be surprised. You know how some tiny dudes like fat chicks? It works the other way around sometimes too.

Questions like that are impossible to answer. Maybe it’s the aura of the car… Maybe it’s the name. “Camaro…” That turns me on a little when I say it.


I could get into the physics of the operation, but you people wouldn’t understand.

Ask your father.

  1. Because I couldn’t find white.
  2. I sell vacuum cleaners out of my home.
  3. Because I have one eye.


do you have expirience with dead babies in a past life?


What would have happened if the cop choose to pull you over last night rather then us?


What is the pronunciation of your name is it “C-OH-SEE” or “C-AH-SEE”


I don’t recall.

I’d be in jail.



Good talk