Curfew for teenagers in Sherwood Park/Strathcona County

So the new bylaw passed. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed in public areas after 1:00am-6:00a.m.

What are everyone’s opinion about this?

Happy enforcing. No one will give a fuck… LOL.

Frankly I think it’s stupid. I can almost guarantee this won’t work. Sherwood Park kids (including myself, unfortunately) won’t care and will just continue to get drunk, or snort coke and break stuff. I think the best way to prevent vandalism and other crime is just to provide something to do. Sherwood Park is lamer than a dead horse. The only thing worth doing is the movie theatre, and usually they close around midnight.

Besides, in 9 days I won’t even have to worry about this. :E Yeah being over 18!


I hoped this wouldn’t come up on here. I have been covering the story for months now and it just gives me a headache talking about it.

The Edmonton media is blowing this story out of proportion. It isn’t “splitting the community” and angering teens like they say. The only thing that is split is council. Only about eight teens showed up to the public hearings. Not a lot for a community of over 80,000 people.

But I wrote about 800 damn words on this damn topic this morning so I’m not going to write anything more…


All i have to say is when will parents start doing their jobs and not rely on the police to do what they should do.

i saw the kids are just being kids. i used to do alot of stupid shit when i was younger but u will grow out of it and when i was doing that shit i didnt see a cop once.

good luck policing it but i think kids r gonna rebel soon and vandalize a bunch of shit.

Retarded, but at least my brother wont get a ticket when hes walking home form work at like 2am. The damn bylaw wont accomplish anything, and the RCMP said they r not goin to change their enforcment policies at all. So all i think its goin to doo is cause more vandalism and mischief for the first little bit, then everyone will forget about it and ittl go back to the way it was b4 the bylay came in.

Well put.

I agree it won’t accomplish much, but the RCMP said they will enforce it, but it will be up to the officer to use his/her discretion.

I agree. Parents should start doing their jobs. There really isn’t any reason for kids that age to be walking around the street after 1am. There isn’t anything to do for a reason… IT’S 1AM!!!

Shit, I used to do all that dumb shit at that age, but there was no real reason to be out past 1am, and I rarely was. And if I was, I was definitely up to no good.

I don’t entirely blame the kids, if my parents let me out all night, then I would have been up to no good. It’s my parent who kept me in check. If all these parents can’t keep their kids in line, I"m glad they are the ones getting the fines.

Valid opinions. I also agree that it’s lame, and won’t accomplish anything.

As for acts of vandalism occuring in retaliation, there already has been some

Fight the man! :finga:

The stupid thing is that you won’t stop kids from going out late at night. And you just know that the parents that are going to get hit by this are the single parents that work nights and can’t be around to watch their kids 24/7. I think ultimately this law will accomplish nothing.

Heres an editorial I wrote on the curfew in Feb:

After hours and hours of debate thats where I still stand.