Dad and I decide to purchase and restore a 1974 Challenger...


So my Dad has had the itch for around 3 yrs to buy a musclecar to mess around with, and this year finally got serious about it. We looked at a bunch but this one hit home with him, so we went saturday and made the purchase.

It needs some bodywork and a fresh coat of paint, but it runs GREAT. 318 v8, cammed, trans cooler, and possibly valvetrain mods. Also has some wiring gremlin related to a hodgepodged alarm system and aftermarket radio/equalizer. I am going to be doing the vast majority of the work here…lets hope dad keeps it and lets me drive the damn thing after all the sweat and tears haha.

Plans are:

remove all aftermarket electronics
re-wire to factory schematic and make sure everything works
wire-tuck the engine bay
body work on spare doors and spare fenders
pick new paint color (might go with another purple)
remove the rubber blocks from rear bumper and smooth
strip paint from bumpers and have re-chromed (as stock)
replace front chin panel and rear slam panel
replace hood(totally rotted and shot underneath)
block down the roof and rear quarterpanels for straighness
remove glass and source new chrome window trims
paint car
re-cover seats
replace door cards with black variants
put car back together


Good for you two, looks mean already!


Looks like a great car to start with. Needs huge slicks!


please pull 318 out and replace with bigger?

my buddy’s dad is into mopars big time. my love for cars stems from being about 9 or 10 sitting in the backseat of his challenger rt (383/727) and leaving an intersection going sideways in a burnout. lol.

i <3 mopars.


not swapping. The 73 and 74 318’s made pretty stout numbers considering their size. Dad isn’t so concerned with going FAST as he is with it looking/sounding good and making him smile when he drives it.


I can’t believe how low the prices are on '73-'74 E-bodies, considering what the '70-'71’s go for. Looks pretty solid. Buy it local or out-of-state?


awesome looking car! sounds like there are nice plans for it too. goodluck!


came out of Holley, NY…which is between Rochester and Batavia. Know what you’re saying on prices haha, let’s just say we picked this up for less than a rotbox roller '70 would cost. Runs AWESOME too.


And it’s damn near the EXACT same car minus front and rear end treatments and those fender gills. I’ve seen more than a few '73-'74s converted over to '71s and then sold.






Nice, I want a late model barracuda or cuda, but I’d probably swap a new hemi in it + 6speed! Awesome car!


Some inspiration Nick:


Well thats just plum crazy!

Damn you walker lol



awesome, this place needs more muscle and less bmw,mercedes,civic.


you need more muscle



Nice ride. Should be a sweet project.


Beat me to it^


Thanks for that link Josh, my dad asked me to do some renderings of some paint jobs he has in mind…we are thinking the sale color purple on the bottom of the car, and two-toning it with a much darker metallic purple on the top…gonna play around with different places to make the transition and whatnot. I’ll post the concepts here.

PS, I am totally growing joe-dirt sideburns when this is near complete so I can roll around town being awesome yellin’ “lookut mah hehmay!”