Dad and I decide to purchase and restore a 1974 Challenger...


When you are not driving it and people ask you why tell them you were having a footprint gas pedal installed.


Sweet looking car. Looks like you got a great foundation to start with.


well, we noticed some tell-tale signs that a mouse may have had some “fun” in the car… the other day while moving the car around the driveway some smoke came from the defroster vents…I decided it was a good time to yank out the shitty stereo, equalizer, and rinky-dink alarm out and find out how bad the wires were chewed/melted…this is the carnage:

I spent about 8hrs re-wiring the whole interior/dash harness. Just finished today. I hate wiring lol. I had to replace 22 melted wires and had to tape up some other ones where the casing got chewed away.

now we can start pulling trims and seals to get the glass out and start on the bodywork!


thumbs up to father son projects


One of the few muscle cars I actually want to own. Nice purchase. What did you pick it up for if you don’t mind me asking?




Wow. You got a great price on it.


Very cool. If you need stuff (like the whole car lol) blasted let me know, I love these and would love to work on it.


Actually jesse, I AM interested in having two pairs of doors and a pair of fenders blasted haha…if you want when you get time PM me a price (if you see this before I reach that point and PM you myself)

I gotta see what previous bodywork is hiding under the paint to see what work I have cut out for me to get them all perfect again.

Basically, the way this project is going to go is I am stuck doing all of the labor intensive stuff, and my dad is going to do things like basic tune-up and maintenance items for road-worthyness. hopefully he lets me drive it when it’s done LOL


Hahaha yes! Do it. That is an awesome looking car, love the purple. The two-tone purple is a cool idea


The 318 with a nice cam and full exhaust will be plenty for your dad. Nice pickup!


spent another 5hrs saturday tracing shorts in the harness and tracking down wiring gremlins. by dinner, I had everything figrured out and working. We had to replace EVERY bulb in the entire car, replace the headlight switch, dimmer switch, horn, a relay, and that huge pile of wire I pictured previously. I have over 15hrs invested in just repairing wiring. I hate wiring haha.

we re-capped the dashboard, touched up the lower half (which is normally painted body color but P.O. painted cheap black) , re-did the rear deck carpet and trunk carpet, and pulled the rear glass to repair the seal and refinish the chrome trim that the P.O painted. Pretty productive weekend. I’ll snap some pics next time I’m wrenching on it.

all we plan to accomplish for this year is a 4 barrel carb and a new exhaust system fab’d by your’s truly and then see if dad feels like driving it this year. going to probably have the seats reupolstered over winter and possibly do the bodywork and repaint while thats getting done.


nice work! looks like a fun project.

when you do the seats you should consider replacing all the foam and fixing any frame / spring problems… I hate when I’m checking out old cars and the interior looks mint and then you sit down and your ass feels like it hits the floor (or worse a spring) and it smells of mold.


pulled the rear glass to repair the seal and refinish the chrome trim that the P.O painted.

Haha, good 'ol “POs.” I’ve seen some pretty creative engineering from some of them. :wink:


lol yeah I know it…the previous owner not only painted the chrome, but the window was leaking pre-paint so he just pounded the seam where the chrome meets the body with silicone and then taped off the glass and painted ALL OF THAT SHIT. the car screams Maaco or earl shribe paintjob. I don’t think I am going to enjoy doing the bodywork on this thing haha.


Small update (sorry still no fresh pictures…the car is in a tight garage and with the brake problems I can’t pull it out for pics)

all the wiring is done, the interior is mostly back in, and I’ve re-loomed the wiring in the engine bay (dad won’t let me do a wire-tuck)

while we were trying to bleed the brakes the other day my dad snapped the fitting at the master so now we have some brake line work to do

after the brakes are in order, we are replacing the trans pan and a couple seals on the trans that seem to be leaking fairly steadily. At that point, I think we’ll throw it on the road and make sure it drives well before we move forward with the rest.

Interior just needs the new headliner installed and the front seats recovered. Going to save the bodywork/paint for next season.


Best of luck to you guys. I absolutely love these and grew up around them most of my life due to a best friends father rebuilding a T/A and R/T from the ground up. I have some good memories in this particular make/model!


I just came. Love the color, hope you stick with it!

Mopar colors = WIN


So dad and I worked on it some more today. last week we had to replace a seal in the transmission and then do that pan and pan gasket. Today we took out the old headliner and started laying out the noew one but we are waiting on the foam that gets glued to the roof inside before we install. Re-carpeted the rear deck, installed a bunch of the dash, and re-painted the lower half of it thats steel and stays in the car. Came out pretty damn good.


Rear deck carpet :tup: