Dad and I decide to purchase and restore a 1974 Challenger...


He hosts the show gears on speed now


some updates!

scored a few parts on ebay that arrived this week

Fuel trime ring for around the gas door was missing

What it’s supposed to look like:

So wierd things: The car originally had a blue interior. P.O. changed the carpet, dash, center console, and passenger door panel over to black somehow by sourcing spare parts. the passenger armrest is brown(painted/dyed black), the seatbelts have been dyed black(poorly), and the rear panels/driver’s door panel/armrest have been “painted” black. We striped the original panels that were painted, and re-did the rear stuff with the krylon fusion like we did on the seat backs, and those came out great! the driver’s door panel however is in bad shape…heavy sanding scratches, P.O. must have prepped with 80grit :gotme:

SO, we had been scouring CL and ebay for weeks trying to find a door panel, replacement replicas are $500/pair! Ended up finding one on ebay for $105 SHIPPED!!! Even had the armrest, all in MINT shape!!!

Also, My dad finally got in contact with a friend of his that collects/restores old muscle cars, and got him to take him to some trade-secret junkyard in the middle of nowhere…they had ONE challenger and it was a '71…he snagged originial mirrors that were restorable, and a couple of the badges that were intact. I don’t have any pictures of his junkyard scores nor any progress on the restoration of the mirrors, he started and has almost finished sanding them down and spraying them with a permatex product to make them black (he said the chrome was badly pitted and not capable of a re-chrome)

that’s all for now until I can get out there again for some pictures.


Well. dad recently put the car up on some huge jackstands to start checkout out bushings and suspension componants, and found THIS:

(I forgot to snap pic before I started hitting it with the grinder)

made up some patch peices from some nice C-channel steel my dad aquired from work and welded 'em up.


Nice work, what products did you use for dying the parts? I’m about to buy SEMs product line for dying plastics and vinyls because I heard great reviews.


yeah SEMs is the shit man, we used that in vinyl based parts and krylon fusion on plastic parts


Finished up patching the frame today, I only snapped a couple extra pics…most of the patches were in really hard to reach places and impossible to photograph (I.E. behind the steering box and crap like that). Also snapped some pics of the new carb and air cleaner while I was in there.


Still chipping away…New gas tank is in and today I went over there and put new brakes in all around, a new idler arm, and new e-brake cables. no pics though, was pretty grimey dirty work so I didnt mess with a camera/phone.

gonna flat black the replacement hood and button up a few minor details and then reg/inspect it for some heaterzzzzzzzz


Dad put it on the road Wednesday, so he took it for a shakedown cruise yesterday and I followed behind to make sure there wasnt anything going on he couldnt see. He’s having it inspected tuesday, and next week I’ll start working on the replacement hood.

Heres a shitty Walk-around video:


And here’s a shitty video of him pulling out of the driveway. I was trying to vid with my phone while driving stick, and noticed in the viewer he looked super far away so I stopped shooting.



Vids wouldn’t work for me, looking forward to seeing more pictures!


anyone else have issues with the vids? I got the walkaround onto photobucket instead of Facebook, but the shakedown vid somehow corrupted on my phone and won’t work, and I can’t pull it off the SDcard either. FUCK


Forgot I also snapped these pics:


Looks great Nick :tup:


Definitely looking nice. Great job.


I haven’t driven it yet :frowning: Dad was walking new tires soon…I immediately said “GREAT, then you can waste these ones on a really awesome burnout!” He kinda smirked and changed the subject. GOD DAMMIT HE BETTER DO SOME FUCKING HEATERS!

the front pass caliper was sticking a bit so he’s gonna mess with it and once its fixed I get to drive it lol.


Dad swapped out the caliper during the week, and I got to take it for a spin yesterday…it was pretty fun to drive, steering is a little sloppy and the brakes don’t have power assist but it was definately turning heads.



You’re making me pretty jealous. Mine’s in pieces. It looks incredible, the paint is in good shape. Power assisted brakes? Ha, who needs 'em.


Good news and bad news… I’ll start with the bad. Dad snuck out and put brand new tires on it without telling me AND without doing a SIQQQQQ HEATERRRRRRR. pretty sad about this.

Good news, he scored a replacement rear valence for $90 shipped due to a minor blemish…

“why is it hanging up in the garage” you may find yourself asking…

we decided those huge rubber pads that stick out on the rear are ugly and I’m shaving them.

Made some paper templates, cut them out of 18g steel, banged them into shape, and welded them in

Skim coated with bondo for smoothing. I just came in from this, if I feel up to it after whipping up some dinner I’ll go back out and block sand it down.


after blocking/feathering:


I think it came out pretty decent. I’ll be spraying it in black primer-sealer when I have the hood ready so I can spray both at the same time…



I hate those rubber pads on the bumpers, nice work.


Awesome! Nice work.