Dad and I decide to purchase and restore a 1974 Challenger...


Pretty sure this is what the original color was…there are a few spots where the “new” paint has flaked away and shows this type of color…


I vote purple, and my vote counts more than anyone else’s on here for this.

If not, this is pretty sweet.


I’m really hoping he sticks with the purple, too…he was expressing heavy interest in painting it black…I pray to god he doesnt do what everyone does and paint a project musclecar fucking black.


So I showed my dad all of my photoshops, and then we did some searching for other mopar colors…this is what he’s leaning towards…

Paint Code GA4 from 1971, called “light gunmetal metallic”…has a light blue hue to it. He wants to stick to a light color to help hide any poor bodywork that may arise that I can’t take care of with my novice bodyman skills.

thats after looking up pictures of the following paint colors I found a listing for:

1974 Exterior Paint Colours Paint Code Colour Name Chrysler No. Ditzler No.
B1 Light Blue AY69KB1 2626
B5 Lucerne Blue AY70KB5 2627
E5 Bright Red AY69FE5 2136
E7 Burnished Red AY70GE7 2321
G2 Frosty Green AY69KG2 2629
G8 Deep Sherwood AY70KG8 2631
J6 Avocado Gold AY70KJ6 2632
L4 Parchment AY69HL4 2427
L8 Dark Moonstone AY70KL8 2633
T5 Sienna AY70KT5 2534
T9 Dark Chestnut AY70KT9 2590
W1 Eggshell AY69EW1 2033
X9 Black AY69TX9 9300
Y4 Golden Fawn AY69KY4 2635
Y5 Yellow Blaze AY69KY5 2636
Y6 Golden Haze AY70JY6 2509
Y9 Dark Gold AY70Y9 2510


progress looks good. i have quite a soft spot for mopars.

for some inspiration, heres a couple pic of my buddy’s satellite turned roadrunner. originally was a 318 column shift tan with green interior, its now black on black and has a 383 with the 727 trans and floor shift. hes just about got it finished now.


dad bought a clarion head unit for this and asked me to install, so I did that yesterday while he swapped in a new brake master cylinder since the old one was shot. He looked around and found that the original radio in these had both knobs on the left, so he went for a modern take on that and got one with both “knobs” on the left.

install was actually REALLY involved to get proper fitment.

I had to grind off the lip from the basket so that I could insert it from behind to make the face of the head unit flush with the dash trim panels, then make brackets to hold the basket in the metal framing that was about a half inch behind the plastic trim. Wiring wasnt TOO bad, but given the previous wiring issues we had to work out with the car it was interesting sourcing the wires necessary to get this working properly.

Took like 4 hrs for what’s normally a pretty simple job.


More progress this weekend…

got all the seats back from upholstery, rear back installed

rear bottom

restored the back panels on thr front seats, previous owner tried to paint them black (originally blue) and they were gouged and scratched pretty bad. smoothed them out with some fine sandpaper and razor blade, then used krylon Fusion with a roller for texture, came out pretty great I think.

Driver seat in

both fronts in

patched up some bad spots in the flange for the rear glass, installed new clips, and new butyl tape seal

Glass back in

Also put in sound deadener underneath the rear seat, and up under the dash against the firewall, and rebuilt the ductwork that used to be basically cardboard by making new peices from plastic, didnt get any pictures of that stuff though.

small list of things left to do before winter really kicks in, such as bleed brakes and things like that, so we can put plates on it in the spring and see how the steering and suspension componants are before we get into paint and bodywork.


The duct work was cardboard?


Ha, sounds about right.

You may remember my carboard defrost plenum, complete with cardboard butterflies and throats:

These cars weren’t designed to last more than 8-10 years. Mopars got hit the worst, the steel they used wasn’t rust-proofed very well (read: not at all) and the cars started getting thrashed in a few years. It’s a big reason they’re so rare today.

Those seats look great. :tup:


I guess it makes sense though for the time it was made.


yeah, I’m concerned to say the least about what the metal is going to look like when we blast the paint off of it next year…hoping the patch work isnt a butcher job


That’s the way I look at it. These cars had to be built to a budget - pony cars’ basis for being is to be all things to all people, so they had to function as a cheap 6-cyl. runabout for secreteries as well as a fire-breathing Hemi dragstrip racer and everything in between. The cardboard’s actually kind of clever, if you don’t think about longevity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I missed it, but where was that car based from? I hope not either, cutting out and patching entire quarters isn’t the best :frowning:


we got it out of holley NY, but the guy we got it from had it less than a year and he bought it in New Jersey.

Quarters and trunk have been patched for sure, from outside it doesnt look bad, the lowers of the front fenders and the rocker panels are what’s looking scary to me…the paint has bubbled and peeled away/cracked off on the lower sections of the front fenders, I suspect pounds of bondo there. we have dented up rust-free spare fenders I can use for patchwork though, so I’m not THAT worried.


Well, tinkering has been steady but no huge updates. Had to replace the carb, the previous owner thought he was a master rebuilder/carb tuner and buggered the hell out of the existing carb and it was just DUMPING fuel into the motor. Got a rebuilt carb from rockauto, threw it on and she runs AWESOME. lifters on the passenger side need adjustment but other than that we’re just concentrating on small details now.

things we need to find:

-HVAC plastic surround panel
-arm rests (complete black door panels ideally)
-side mirrors
-badges (previous owner debadged EVERYTHING)
-front nose lower valence
-black seat belts

other than that it’s just gotta get driven to see if it needs anything like tie rods/bushings/etc.

Oh, and we picked a color…2010 challenger “mango tango pearlcoat”. The dodge dealer on Camp rd. has one parked right up in front of the building directly under the streetlight and when my dad saw it he knew that was the color he wanted the car. It’s a difficult color to photograph, its more coppery than it is orange with a lot of metallic in it. Hood, spoiler, and the trim around the tail lights are all going to be satin black.


Color approved :tup:




Hell yeah. That’s gnarly.


Stacey David Approval on the color


awesome choice in color :bigtup:


so good.

what ever happened to “Trucks!”??