Dad and I decide to purchase and restore a 1974 Challenger...


Thats cool man, I love this car and can’t wait to see more!!!

So you have a body shop or repair shop? You do restoration work?


I split about 1300sq ft with @checko and @pirite. just private space for tinkering. I’ve done work for people on the side, but I’ve gotten more and more picky about what I’m willing to work on or do after losing my ass a few times trying to help/do favors. I mostly do vintage japanese bike stuff now…and a lot of focus-related stuff that no one on NYspeed cares about.




I built an entire 'Nother RS for a guy in pittsburg. I’ve been asked not to share it yet cause it’s not “Done” by his definition yet. I still owe him some small trim parts and custom-made interior bits before he’ll let the pictures out…mostly because he wanted the color kept secret.


Thats cool man, well can’t wait to see the progress on this challenger!

have you painted a lot of cars or was the focus the only one?


I’ve painted about half a dozen full cars, tons of small repair stuff like matching a replacement fender/bumper and stuff like that.


Dude no one cares.

loljk, super secret RS build, rad!


Be interested to see this. All the time and effort put into the original car starting to pay off? Much easier second time around?


The one I did for the guy in Pittsburgh used all real OEM parts sent from germany. A previous owner had already “sort of” done the conversion , but warped a whole bunch of the metal in the process and I was paid to repair everything and paint the car. In the process I also had to swap the entire roof skin and inner quarterpanels. it was a nightmare.


fucking spot welds and seam sealer. ugh.




It looks great so far. The plum with the satin black works so well on vintage pony cars.


hey hey hey now


@focusinprogress what did you do for an exhaust fan for your paint booth, people on an autobody forum are saying you need an explosion proof fan. What did you do



this hood I painted in my garage at home, I put a plastic 2x2’ box fan in the window blowing outward at the time. My shop now has an old cage fan with a furnace motor in it that I got for $20 at the flea market.


So not TOO much has changed on the car except miles. Dad has casually been driving it around here and there…but we recently came across some decent stock chrome bumpers. I shaved a brand new rear valance/pan quite some time ago and my dad used the chrome bumper swap as an opportunity to toss that on to see how it looks. Car is getting paint this fall so he’s slowly tackling all the sheetmetal that needs attention and has been acquiring all the replacement trim and weatherstripping a little at a time in preparation.

Sorry dad uses a potato


One of my dream cars


How’s this car going?

Needs wider rear tires just noticed in the last pic, love this car!


dad still drives it as-is. He shopped around getting it painted somewhere last fall but all the estimates were north of $8k so I think he’s waiting for me to have time to do it for cost of material…he’ll be waiting a while. lol.

he has a second set of better fenders I hammer and dollied out smooth a while back laid in primer…I think I’ve got him ready to pull the trigger on an intake manifold and carb upgrade and header back exhaust.


Fuck cars-build bikes