Daylight Savings Time

Don’t forget this weekend.
And get your hoe ready.

anyone else think this is outdated?

Well the poster is from 1918, but you need to spring the clock forward on Saturday night.

Hell no. If anything I think we should stick with it year round. I hate getting home from work and it being dark out.

I think it was proven that the extra money spent on heating and cooling is actually more than the savings on lighting.

Get your hoe ready hahaha

Hell no! Every eve of DST I lay my hoes out on my bed and clean em up real well. They all look a lil beat so I might fork out the cash for a new hoe.

Don’t care. Extra hour of useful daylight > a few bucks a month to keep the heat/ac on longer.

eh, just gives my shitty employees a mediocre excuse to be an hour late in the fall.

it gave me a reason to update some stupid servers that cant adjust to this apparently…

i meant more of the fact that we go back and forth. cant we just stick to it?

I thought I read somewhere that the reason they don’t is you’d have kids standing around waiting for the bus in the dark in the winter. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

I think thats the new reasoning for it. The only one I thought had something to do with old day workers who did stuff outside and lost hours when it was dark most of the year and could tend their farms and such.

I feel your pain.

dude, my hoes are Always ready

Pissed b/c I have to leave for Atlanta Motor Speedway at 6am on Sunday morning which is now going to be 5am. Damn it.

Meh I guess I’ll get up at like 11am instead of 10am sunday. I used to love it when we turned the clocks back and I worked on weekends. Now I live in a town that doesn’t close and don’t work weekends so it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Bump. This should stay near the top all day.

It blows because I have a flight at 7am which means I know have to be up at 5am grrrrrr

can’t believe it took so long for that to get posted