Deer v. Cop Car (dash cam vid)

Wow… didn’t even look like he was going that fast.

God damn. Those bush guards seem to hold up well huh.

that cop didn’t even flinch. No attempting brakes or trying a steering change. Just run em over

why can i not see links

Yeah, physics is a bitch sometimes.

4000 lb cruiser with a solid ram bar going 60 ish v. 200 lb squishy deer going zero.

Cruiser wins, flawless victory.

Photobucket blocked? That’s where I hosted it after my boss emailed it to me.

I’m not going to watch this until I’m done with my cereal…


Nothing goes better with cereal than grilled deer.

PISSS… this is new…

lol dayum that thing exploded

stupid deer lol

i almost did this on my bike, i dont think it would have turned out so good though.

HAHAHAHA I almost pissed. Try holding that laughter in during class is a :tdown:

Haha. Well played. :clap:

OMG, That is hilarious!


That was amazing… like a deer explosion

deer soup anyone?


lol @ the filename