delta sonic warning!!!

yea it was the the location on delaware both happened there

They fucking better.

Car ran great when it had oil hahaha

i get calls all the time at northtown from delta sonic asking for the spin on automatic transmission filter for subaru’s. lmfao it says trans oil right on it. Costs like 37 bux! i’ve also seen subaru’s come in with a blown up front diff and 10 quarts of oil in it…

Hmmm… I should start taking my car there more often.

some of you might remember and old school UBRF member who worked there and even he had this problem happen to his accord.

lol, everyone is looking to cash in

I went there for a state inspection once, and won’t ever do that again. I pull up to the garage, and there’s NO cars in it or waiting to go in. Guy walks over to me and I tell him I need an inspection and he says he can’t do it. I look at him for a couple seconds and said “Really?!?”
He said “Yes, there is a car scheduled to come in about 15 minutes for one.”
Me: “It only takes about 15 minutes.”
Him: “Actually on some cars it can take up to 1.5 hrs.”
Me: Blank stupid stare… and i drive away.

Who the hell has ever seen an inspection take more than 10 minutes?

depends if they have to fix anything.

Last proper inspection I had was
Pull into the shop
up on the lift
wheels come off, brakes checked ect.
off the lift, lights all checked, air filter checked ect.
Ended up having to get 2 bulbs replaced, took like 25 minutes.

my first car was a mitsubishi galant, and i had Delta change my oil, they accidently drained the transmission fluid, realized it and told me, topped it off and didnt tighten the bolt all the way down, it eventually popped off and there went the transmission, CLOWNS

sounds like a fasttrack story lol

was it both at the same location??

ehhhhh. pretty sure you have to be 18 to work in the lube shop. and they get paid better than they would at mcdonalds. doesn’t mean they all know what they’re doing though.

there was a 08 impreza in the shop today at the dealer, they had the 1st (from what i heard, dont know the exact miles on the car) oil change done elsewhere. actually they just got the oil drained. if it was my brand new car that happened to i would definately be flippin out.

I know a kid who used to work at the lube shop at the Wal Mart in Lockport, you would be lucky if your oil or filter got changed when you dropped the car off. He said alot of the people there would check to see if it was a fram or super tech filter and clean it off and be done with it.

You guys are describing 3/4 of the lube places in WNY. They’re all the same

I remember when I was at Northtown Dodge way back when, some guy brought in his twin turbo Stealth for a tune up and oil change. So techs were working on the car and then took it off the lift.

The started it up and it got hot real fast. The one tech forgot to put oil in it. They didn’t say anything to the customer about the incident either.

Who would ignore their oil light? It’s doesn’t mean you have fresh oil in your car…

how stupid can you be? Forgetting oil? Dumping transmission lube and or diff flluid instead of engine oil? Sounds like most of the tards working there fail at life…

This was at the Delta on Transit Rd, has happened more than once at other shops as well, but I would rather change my own and have it done the right way

I saw a Castrol commercial once where they ran an engine w/o oil. Maybe they figured a coating was enough???

put bleach in your motor, problem solved