Whats that puddle under my car?

So i made a mistake. I took my car to Delta on Transit for an oil change, only because my friends b/f is in charge of the lube shop there, so I assumed I could trust him with the kaa. So.

I drop it off in the front of the lube shop, go in, pay, give them my keys. A minute later i hear reeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Blower whine, so they had to hit 3k rpm @wot in the parking lot. I choose not to say anything. They finish it up, bla bla bla, i take it home

Bout a week later, i come out, 50% of my oil in on my fathers new concrete driveway. Wtf. I top it off, cruise on over to sears to see joe (nitroinsane), he reaches up, my filter was about to fall off. So.

Im honestly not bothered though, just sucks that they cant do an oil change right I guess. That and the oil that they put in it looked like it wasnt new, all pitch black and smelled burned.

So this is my warning: for those of you who dont know, stay away from delta lube shop!

They do a SUPERB job detailing cars though

Is your motor fucked or did you escape without damaging anything?

everything seems all good thank god…

i havent had any problems with deltas lube shop, but I have heard stories, and they have bought people new engines cuz they fukked it up…

+1 for DIY

werd, dont be lazy, just do it yourself

delta LUBE SUX

:word: oil changes are mad easy…why pay for one when it takes 5 min?

really? Ive heard nothing but the opposite… and ive never heard anything good about their lube shop either…

when its 90+ degrees out and I work 12-14hrs/day between 2 jobs…

still would make the time i don’t trust anyone else doin oil changes on ANY of my cars, just one of those things i gotta do myself for piece of mind :slight_smile:

“give them my keys. A minute later i hear reeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

That would piss me off!  
For 17.99. delta isn't a bad expense for my 94 saturn beater, but if you care about your car and it's anything decent, listen to these guys and do it yourself.

I had delta do mine. I dont have a jack or stands… cuse Chodes is using them. Thats when they told me synthetic oil makes more boost.

it does, because it lubricates your muffler bearings giving you more back pressure

thats fuct up service all in all its not your property so dont FUCK with it!!!

btw is that a thomas kruse on the nose candy in your avatar?

My personal favorite.

I hope you’re not talking about their $10 special.

Has anyone noticed the people in the store have attitudes? It’s quite funny. Yeah bitch take home your $116 in commision and be mean to me :frowning:

a while back i took my old truck to mr oil change because i was in a hurry and didnt have time to run to the store to buy oil and a filter and i had a 5$ off coupon… well after the oil change i made it 5 miles down the road before my motor blew. i guess they decided it doesnt matter if the drain plug isnt correctly re installed and leaking oil like the exxon valdez. ever since then, even in winter when its 10degrees outside ive changed my oil.

i think he is refering to their 100 + dollar details which are quite good…i know i have done a million of them and its a pain in the ass…and Carl u should file a complaint with them for beating ur car and tell them u have engine damage…go to hybrid or someone else and say they looked at ur motor and yada yada yada u need this that and this

Now who pays to clean up your fathers brand new concrete driveway?

I think they should be held responsible.