Detroit 2008 Autorama Pics

We’re in Detroit now. All I can say is WOW.
This show is F’ing HUGE! Make the trip if you can next year. And some big $$$$$$ cars here too.

3 galleries of pics, 1873 to be exact. enjoy

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

We also checked out the Walter P Chrysler Museum. Cool stuff

Tomorrow we check out the Ford museum and we’ll post pics.


Just got back home. If you get the chance, go to this show next year!
Amazing cars. I believe over 2500 of them.

looks like a awesome show

Yeah, I’m jealous. Wow…

Are you still doing TO next weekend?

I always get into the argument if they actually did the tile work to look like the cars or did they just paint the tiles to look like the cars.
Did you park at Greektown (free parking) and take the people mover?

Hell yea. You going?

Yea, that was very cool there. Keith from K&S told us about going to Greektown and then taking the People Mover. Worked perfectly. Free parking and $1.00 round trip for each person.

Greektown is not a great casino, but everyone parks there for sports games and anything else downtown.

It was a great show, one of the best I’ve been to! We’re going next year agian for sure.

I didn’t know so I paid $10 to park on the roof, oh well not as bad as the 12 mpg the Lariat got. We hit the museum and the truck plant while we were there.

So whats the deal with TO, I’m always up for a road trip.

LOL, can never find a parking spot!

Next weekend is a show near Toronto

One of the best shows in the area. Slightly smaller than Detroit, but you can spend a whole day there.

Checking it out on Saturday.

Thanks, I’m going to try and head up on Sunday

lots of cars. i wouldnt going to see the show. but work > that :frowning: