District 9

just saw it…thought it was badass but everyone either hated it or loved it. my personal opinion is that it was a huge metaphor based on immigration and the slums in foreign countries and ppl’s struggle for survival…not to kill the ending but it is def left open for District 10

I though it was hilarious.

i think meena sucks. way to invite ur friends to go see a cool movie with you… ASS

i dont suck, buffalo sucks…totally wasted my night there yesterday…nothing but sketchballs there. please tell me jake is back?

he WAS but since you dont call us, you didnt get a chance to hang out with us

Was going to see it this weekend, but the weather is too good not to be outside…

From what I read, the theatrical version of Blomkamp’s original short was made with a tiny budget of just 30 mil. The film has already made that back and turning profit in just one weekend of domestic release.

Just saw it tonight

Absoloutely awsome movie, one of the best ive seen. Can’t wait for the next one!

Fantastic movie, completely going against the typical Hollywood SciFi cookie cutter movie plot.

The depths that one can go into discussing the movie are epic.

Anybody else feel like this is the best SciFi of the decade?

Definetly best sc-fi of the decade



Anybody else found it amusing how the alien made a grenade out of his weapon technology in minutes?

Why did the main character try to fly the ship after knocking out the alien even though he couldn’t have done much without him.

How believable was the fact that the government setup a slum zone for one of the greatest discoveries of the human race?
How believable is hat the fuel turns people into aliens?

i saw it a few weeks ago, definitely enjoyed it

If you thought it sucks, you were at the wrong bars/with the wrong people.

D9 was good. The whole final battle was badass.