Official War of the Worlds Thread

Just got back, gotta say

:tup: :tup: :tup:

if you are looking for a movie to see this weekend, this one is it!

very good!

a bit chessy on the end…lol

anybody heard what the dude says on the end of the movie…? hehe

The original one was kind of boring. Does it follow the same story line or is it different?

i thought so as well, but besides that i was poppin boners the whole time

theres naked chicks in this movie?

I hope its not Dakota Fanning gettin naked… I’d feel awkward

awkward with a tent in your pants? yea tell me about it…

the trailer for king kong looked pretty good too btw

hmmm…ur right, the whole movie, i was definitely praising it…

looks very daaaark…and chillin! imagine if it’s really happening to us…hm!


hey, what happened to the tripod in the end? are they got killed by the bird? attacked by the human on their weak spot? or…like the narator said, they are “attacked” by the time they start invading earth (eg water, air they drink, eath and breath on earth)?

nah the birds on it were just there to show that the tripods had no shields, basically that they were already so weakened by viruses and bacteria etc


die die die…

u know…maybe that’s why…there are no alien “invasion” till now…maybe they’re already here before…but die due to the environment conflict? lol

anywho…the beginning and middle of the movie looks really good…just the end…sigh, cheesy…

that brat…his older son…should just dieeeeeeee…

I have no faith in the modern horror/sci-fi genre’s. They have fed us nothing but crap for the last 5 years (with a few exceptions, of course).

but I’ll see it…I can’t criticize it until I do.


whats an exception?


hopefully going to see this ish tonight

few questions…questioning spielberg’s attention to detail…

  1. why does the camcorder/digital camera works when the alien first popped out?? before, they told you exactly how all stuffs in ray’s house are dead…even his watch

  2. remember when ray splat the peanut butter bread on the window? within our perspective outside the window…it should not stick to thw window, right?

  3. WHY TF that van still sittin UNSCRATH when a giant airplane hit the damn area??

  4. like i told you, what the heck with that cheesy dialogue between ray and his oldest son, “if you love me, you’ve to let me go”…just to see a firework on the frontline? and YET…he was saved unscrathed in boston??

  5. wtf with that whole family in boston…untouched…clean…even ray’s ex seems to have manicure…the whole area also seems to be untouched and clean…

  6. …to think about it…u can see how that first tripod woke up…that thing is tall…but yet, those two brats in ray’s house didn’t know anything about it?? lmao.

  7. CAR…yea…why that van works in the first place? there are many electronics on it…ECU…etc etc…just changing one part made it worked again?

  8. Tim robbins…is just a useless character…should’ve been cut in the cutting room…from nice/polite…creepy…eratic… btw, how in the heck ray killed him with bare hand…meanwhile, he got a shovel in his hand? lol


excellent moment: definitely when that girl (dakota) saw those boddies floating in the river…YEA, this one is a gooood scene!!

note: these are questions i choked myself up from

im going to check this out sometime this weekend

To be honest, it’s all relative…some movies shined but saying they were actually good would be a lie.

I was very impressed with Shawn of the Dead, but that was more of a comedy. I enjoyed Land of the Dead, but I’m a Romero nut so i’m biased.

I guess I really can’t think of a true exception


i thoguht it was good.

mang that must suck to be you, always dissapointed in movies, never enjoying them :frowning:

Yea, I’m very critical of movies…it’s just my nature.


i dont know, the ending really pissed me off. i dont know what else to say, i wish i hadnt seen it.

yea movie was good except for the end. that kid def. died on that hill where all the damn hummers and shit all blew up so how the hell did he get to boston???