The last movie you've seen, and rate it.

Kind of an X-post.

The Departed: Pretty good movie. I don’t know if it was Oscar deserving, but with the cast that it had, it was pretty hard for it to not win. It’s also the first movie I’ve seen that has tied in the use of text messaging nicely. Overall, I’d recommend it, but the ending was a little meh at points.


deja vu

good idea. some cool nerdage. denzel is good. boring ending.



good idea. good plot. “typical wrap up we ran out of $ ending” though


I’ll add another one.

Children of Men: Really cool concept with a couple of unexpected twists. Sometimes there was a little too much action and some unrealistic parts, but still a good flick.


Grindhouse: 10/10

The Lookout, Better than expected, Kid from 3rd rock from the sun is actually a decent actor. Was kinda predictable




nuff said

hills have eyes 2 - 4/10 - was lame but had funny moments
Dead Silence - 7/10 - cool premise coulda been taken further
Ghost Rider - 7/10 - compared to f.f.4, x-men, and spiderman this superhero flick was lame

The Good Shepard - 7.5/10. A solid watch, but it definately could have moved along a bit faster. It is rare for me to say that about a film. It was certainly not the ‘Godfather of CIA films’, which was one claim.

The Last Kiss - 6.0/10. As the title would lead one to believe, this one is kind of intended for those who lack penor. Quite a few funny lines delivered by Zach Braff though. “That girls talks about dieting all the time, but if you look in her purse it looks like she just got done trick or treating.”



The reaping

6/10, Acting was ok, Pretty awesome plot twist and final scene

Borat (just came out on On-Demand) 3/10. Sucked.

Wow that and the 6 out of 10 rating for Departed surprise me.:bloated:

Last movie I saw was Grindhouse 9 out of 10

the reaping
7/10, good plot and twists, kind of cheesy at the end

Stranger than Fiction

7/10… i thought the voice was kinda annoying.

  1. Not my type of film, but it was good. Exactly what I was expecting really…

The Departed. One of the best films I’ve ever seen. 5 stars all the way.

Yep, I left the theater after seeing the departed with a “WOW” i loved it…

300 i still think was stupid…

I’m glad you follow movies with the hype… what makes this movie… SOOOOO good. The absense of a plot, and tons of gore?

:word: :word:

Grindhouse also gets a 9/10

What are you talking about? Do you know what a plot is?

It was pretty simple. There was a huge army threatening Sparta. 300 of the best fighters went out to try to hold them off. They fought hard and died trying to overcome their less than favorable odds. You can’t say that a story based on history has no plot because there is always a story that caused that event to occur.

The Prestige.



The Brick


i got so bored with it i turned it off