Movie thread.

I’ve thought we already had one, but I’ve searched and we never had one dedicated to general movie discussion.

I’ve been on a late night movie watching kick lately and discovered quite a few good ones and some that made me want two hours of my life back.

Recently watched

There will be blood - ominous title but a fantastic movie for the drama genre, 9/10. - Will Smith rarely disappoints. Movie plot had twists and turns until the end 8.9/10

Wall-E - Pixar never fails 10/10

Others I’ll touch on later - new Indiana Jones, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, StarTreck, shooter, Salt, The Departed, Inception, The Da Vinci Code, Ratatouille.

If any one has a movie they would like to suggest, I’m all ears.

Some on the future watch list - 21, The Edge, Enemy at the Gates, Michael Collins, pie, Enemy of the State, Momento, Seven, Children of Men, Traffic, Munich, Bladerunner.

Nice, we watched Dreamcatcher recently, its an older one but its a weird sci-fi. When it comes out check out due date with Robert Downey Jr, and the Guy from the hangover it was hilarious. District 9 is another,also “9” was pretty neat too.

inception was good

I wanna see that movie that’s coming out or came out with the two guys in an RV with the Alien. Looks hilarious.

enemy at the gates is one of my fave.


the departed is probably in my top five of favorite movies of all time. I would move that to a must see list if you have one.

Salt is a horrible movie. Terrible plot IMHO. Cool to see some of Albany but that’s about it

due date wasnt bad. saw it at the theater

departed was awesome

office space was the best of all time

The Town was very good. Ben Affleck is my ni99a

Deuce Of Spades, watched it last night, any car guy should watch it.

Used cars (1980)

Repo man (1984)


Farming on Lishakill Road (2005) is a pretty good one.

Just watched UP, which was incredible… Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, pretty much any Miyazaki film. (MADDDD JDMMMMM y0!) Oh, one that will make you cry is Grave of the Fireflies. I love old films too, Casablanca is one of my favorites ever.

Sounds like Vlad discovered Netflix on his XB360. Only reason I say that is I just checks Netflix earlier and all of the movies he listed were on there lol.

I hear Black Swan is a good one to watch with the kids.

“the wraith” is a super classic 80’s car movie. must be watched…

just watched that dr parnasses movie,heath ledgers last one, kinda weird, but unique.

There will be blood was terrible.
Boring and senseless. And that constant screeching that I believe was supposed to be a soundtrack was the worst part. The only movie I remember that had worse music was Galaxy of terror, you have to hear it to believe it.

You should tell the critics it was terrible as it was well perceived by the large majority of them. IMDB lists it top 150 best movies of all time.

Negative. I wish.

I will only list good movies

The Shawshank Redemption- greatest movie of all time… ALL TIME
The Departed- Best movie from the past 5 years (at least) IMO
Se7en- crazy… that is all… must see
The Professional- young Natalie Portman meets a hitman… nuff said
Fight Club- mind=blown
American History X- teaches you to love everyone haha

Obscure movies…

Man On Wire- insane documentary about a guy who wanted to change the world by walking on a tight rope… so he did

13 Tzameti- uhh… wow

The Poughkeepsie Tapes- Slow at times… gave me nightmares